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Traveler's Backpack [Click for Fabric] a Minecraft mod, which adds backpacks. All the backpacks come from JavierDarkona's Mod Adventure Backpack. Traveler's Backpack is the official port.

If you find any bugs, please report it on my GitHub.  [As well as suggestions]




Why should you choose Traveler's Backpack?


  • Full inventory? No more!

At a time where there's a lot of mods and even more items, you'll need functional and capable backpack. Since the traveler's backpack can provide about 45 inventory slots and 2 fluid tanks, which each can store up to 4 buckets of fluid or even 16 bottles of potion (1.12.2 Only) (Now even more, since it's configurable!), this backpack becomes a really good option to consider.

  • Chestplate or backpack? Why not both? (Now with Curios integration! 1.16+)

Traveler's backpack doesn't need any empty armor slot (or other slot, unless Curios integration is enabled) to be worn. But It doesn't mean you can wear infinite number of backpacks at the same time.

  • The best gear for adventures!

What are the most important things you take with you, when you're going on an adventure? That doesn't matter anymore - here comes the backpack! You are able to use crafting inside of backpack's inventory or pull out the sleeping bag in any time you want! Don't worry, you won't lose your spawn point!

  • Customization that you have never seen! (As for now, 1.12.2 Only [1.16+ Partially - only 20 custom backpacks and no abilities yet])

Choose your style from 75 custom backpacks and if that weren't enough, some of them can provide special abilities! 1.16+ versions provide dyed backpack. You can combine whichever dyes you want! 

Inventory guide

Traveler's backpack inventory can be split into segments, which have other functions. I'll try to explain you what each element of inventory does.

Here you can see the inventory:


  • Blue slots stand for base backpack inventory, where you can store your items.
  • Green slots accept only tools and provide special inventory action - Tool cycle (See below) (Accepts: wrench, hammer, grafter, axe, shovel, scoop, crowbar, mattock, drill, chisel, cutter, disassembler, TiC tools) (1.12.2 Only)
  • Brown slots are mostly crafting grid and one of them is crafting result slot. These slots save items.
  • Bucket slots accept all the fluid containers and potions. If a tank is suitable for fluid, container will move into the slot under and tank will get filled.
  • Slots under bucket slots are just outputs of bucket slots. You can't put there any items.

You can add your own items, which will be accepted by tool slots. See below: (1.16+)

Tool slots accept items that have "acceptable_tools" tag. You can simply add it to any item you want by datapacks. 

Useful links:


Here you can find information about automating backpack (In someway) (1.16+)
Note: Bucket and Tool slots can't be automated.

  • Inserting and extracting items from base backpack inventory - input is on the top, output is on the bottom of the backpack.

  • Inserting and extracting items from crafting grid - input is on the rear side, output is on the front side of the backpack.

  • Inserting and extracting fluid from fluid tanks:

 Left Tank - input and output is on the left side of the tank.
 Right Tank - input and output is on the right side of the tank.

Pipes, transporters and tanks used on screenshots come from Mekanism mod.



You've probably noticed, that in gui is one more element, which I didn't explained before. There are 3 types of buttons. Each of them appears in proper conditions.

  • Equip button is visible, when player holds backpack in a hand and doesn't wear any. If button is clicked, the backpack will be worn on the player.

  • Unequip button appears, when player wear a backpack. To access this button you have to open inventory [default B]. If button is clicked, the backpack will be added to the player's inventory.

  • Sleeping bag button is visible, when backpack is placed on the ground. If button is clicked and there's enough space, the sleeping bag eventually will be deployed. If sleeping bag is already deployed and player clicks the button, sleeping bag will be folded back to the backpack.


  • How to use hose?

For first you have to wear backpack (Hose can only be used with backpack equiped), then you have to attach hose to tank, by pressing right mouse button. Tank is selected if its border is white, this also means that hose is active. Hose attachment resets everytime when you take off your backpack or remove hose from inventory, so make sure that any of the tanks is selected. There are 3 hose modes, which I'll describe below:

  • Suck Mode

You can pick up the fluid from the world or - if clicked on suitable tank - transfer fluid from clicked tank to your backpack's tank.

  • Spill Mode

You can spill the fluid into the world or - if clicked on suitable tank - transfer fluid from your backpack's tank to clicked tank.

  • Drink Mode

Allows player to drink some tank's contents - not all fluids are drinkable, some of them may give special effects though.

Additional Tips

  • Swap tank attached to hose

If you wear a backpack and hold hose, click N to swap tank which hose is attached to. (Configurable in controls)

  • Change hose mode

If you hold hose, hold Z (Configurable in controls) and scroll up or down (can be set to use keybind only in config) to change active hose mode.


  • Cycle tool

You can perform this action if you're holding a tool, wearing a backpack and at least one tool slot isn't empty in backpack's inventory. At first hold Z (Configurable), then scroll up or down (Can be set to use keybind only in config). It will replace your current tool with one from tool slot. Such a useful trick!

  • Open inventory

If you wear a backpack, click B to open inventory. (Configurable in controls)

Abilities (1.12.2 Only [1.16+ Not implemented yet])

As you may know (or not know) some backpacks can provide special, mostly (not?) useful abilities. They appear while player's wearing backpack and few of them provide abilities in block form. (If you have cool ideas for abilities, feel free to report on GitHub)

Bat Backpack - Provides seeing in the dark! Batman Batman Batman
Bookshelf Backpack - Holds mighty knowledge, place around enchanting table just like the bookshelf to get higher-level enchantments!
Cactus Backpack - Acts like real-life cacti, If it's raining and above backpack is clear sky, the backpack will fill empty tanks with water over time. If you want some more water, dip yourself! The backpack can fill with water while being a block too.
Chicken Backpack - Have you ever wanted to be a chicken? No? Well, now you are! You'll lay eggs! 
Creeper Backpack - Sneak on another player to make them jump in confusion as they think one of those green monsters is behind him/her. You can do it every few minutes.
Dragon Backpack - Backpack for real warriors, combines Pigman's and Squid's backpack abilties, plus gives you strenght and regeneration! You'll be invincible!... but.. what did it cost?
Emerald Backpack - Gives some cool particles, nothing special.
Pig Backpack - You'll hate this sound, believe me!
Pigman Backpack - Provides fire resistance.
Rainbow Backpack - Now all people on the server will see you! Creates a trail of notes behind player, while sprinting. Also gives jump boost and speed - isn't it cool?
Slime Backpack - Has an incredibly useless "ability". Makes the player leave a slimy trail of particles whenever is running, and make that splishy splashy squishy sound on each step as well!
Squid Backpack - Grants water breathing effect while being in water.
Sunflower Backpack - Will feed you while you stay in the sun, slowly. At the very least you shouldn't starve.
Wolf Backpack - Checks around for any wolves that may lurk around. If any of them gets mad at you, it will promptly forget about the whole deal. Also if it's full moon, you'll gain werewolf strenght!

Crafting recipes

  • Backpack tank

  • Sleeping bag

  • Hose nozzle

  • Hose

  • Traveler's backpack

  • Dyed Traveler's Backpack


Integration Mod

If you want extra integration with other mods and Traveler's Backpack, check out Traveler's Backpack Integrations!


You are allowed to use this mod in public/private modpacks. I do not allow anyone to repost mod on other sites without my permission.


Here is the list of people who provided translated to their language version of lang file. Thank you! :)


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