Creature Whisperer

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This mod adds two types of custom mystical creature types (so far), Yeti & Ent. These creatures are able to be turned into minions/pets if defeated. These creatures will not be easy to obtain to add something else in Minecraft to strive for.


Yetis are very aggressive creatures that will attack players on sight  if not tamed. These ancient creatures can sometimes be spotted wondering in snow biomes.

Can be tamed with Hypno cookies once on submissive mode trying to run away from the player. Beware that if not tamed or killed withing 30 seconds of being in submissive mode it will try to attack again and back to full health. Once tamed it will protect you from nearby monsters and will attack and defend you from your enemies, shift right-click to make them stay. They can be dyed any color once tamed  and armored as well by right clicking its corresponding armor on it while its sitting, to remove the armor shift click while its sitting (hint: name your pet tortillas_ and see what happens). When critically hurt it will display dark particles over its head, to heal just feed any vanilla meat to them.



Ents are gentle giants that will only attack players if they are attacked with a chance to send target flying. They are the oldest trees for that reason most of them can only be found  in biomes where most trees have disappeared.

They can be made into minions only by planting and raising them. On death they have a %50 chance of dropping an Ent seed that can be planted on farm land. Once planted they will start as a small plant belonging to whomever planted it, once the plant is big enough it will detach itself from the ground and follow its owner, shift right-click to make them stay. Once fully grown it will defend its owner if hurt it will also drop logs if right-clicked with an axe without taking any damage. They will regenerate health if hurt but only if exposed to sunlight.



(spawn rates for creatures can be change in config file).

Some items are only available thru creative mode: Master whip(instantly tames creatures from mod) & Magic water(growth booster for ents).

Other future creatures are available thru creative only as they are work in progress and they dont do much.




Yeti armor:


Hypno cookie:


New in latest update:

-changes yeti interactions.

-fixed yeti rainbow animation.

-removed uncompleted creatures.

-fixed minor bugs.


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Partial youtube showcase/review: starts at 7:01


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