Dungeons Mod

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Early Review


External Beta Review 


About it

This is my first mod, based on the potential of Minecraft as an RPG, with challenging bosses.

But mantaining the Vanilla feeling.

An disclaimer, all the bosses can be defeated, not impossible, funnier if using Vanilla.


Discord Server: Ideas, progress and more (Ideas Pool WIP)



Same project but for Fabric



DungeonsMod (Forge Version)

7 new bosses,

    The Deserted

    The Iron Slime

    The Kraken

    The King

    The Crawler

    The Sun


    1.16.3-1.3.0, Void Calls Update

    The Void Master



19 new mobs,

    Rogue: He can rob you. Care your inventory

    Anthermite: Likes to eat sugar, and your blood

    Traveler: He got the maps to found dungeons, an skilled villager, invoke him placing an campfire above an haycoal block.

    Piranha: He'll smell you.

    Mimic: I dont need explications here.

    Guards: Serve only for the king, with the king.

    Slimonds: This is what happens when slimes and diamonds combine, rare spawn.

    Scientist: Evolution from villagers. Owns laboratories.

    Slimewolf: Scientist's Lethal friend from his bizarre experiments


    1.16.3-1.1.0, Halloween Update

    Crows: Can be tamed with rotten flesh, they attack your enemies.

    Note Head: Can generate spooky feelings 

    Haunters: Aggresive ghosts, they can phase through blocks, representation of dead players souls (Can be configured) 

    Deadhounds: Guardians of the Lord Skeleton chapel.

    Lord Skeleton (Mini-Boss):  Is the king of swamp ghosts,.


    1.16.3-1.2.0, Winter Update

    PIces: Slow passive animal, there should be peace sometimes no?

    Pitchers: Carnivorous plant. players are his favorite meal. 

    Leech: Small parasitic mobs, got powerful life-steal.

    Whirlwinds: Weather power that can grow.

    Winter Hunter (Mini-Boss): Lethal archer with botanical understanding.



14 new items.

    Home Gem: If got a bed, will return to your bed position.

    Back Pergamine: Returns to your death position.

    Sun Overdrive: Fast forward time by 12 hours.


    1.16.3-1.1.0, Halloween Update

    Golden Bone: It's the totem of undying for dogs and can be in any slot, but your dog comes stronger than ever for 3 minutes. Dropped by Lord Skeleton.


    1.16.3-1.3.0, Voids Calls Update

    Unstable Map: Is an rare loot that can be found in the sewers. Can be revealed on the end.


    1.16.3-1.4.0 Traveler's Tales

    Cloud Mount: Portable mount that can fly powered with magical sands.

    Foreman Ore Detector: Antique ore detector with a range of 10 blocks radius.

    Kraken Teeth: The beloved teeth now even more powerful, at the cost of being a rare drop.

    King's Crown: Summon 2 Guards everytime worn to obey your orders. Thanks to -Q- for the texture and model.

    Crawler Armor: Pasively, every 3 stacks of redstone blocs in inventory, +1 regeneration effect, stacks up to 3 times. Also taking fall damage will do AOE damage by a radius of 7 blocks, every near mob will be damaged by 3.5 Hearts. Thanks to -Q- for the texture and model.

    Charge Launcher: Launch charged fireballs using fire charges as ammo

    Void Tome: Shoots a powerful void laser burst. Thanks to -Q- for the texture.

    Added Kraken Tentacles: New Food

    Potion Straw: When equipped offhand, every potion drink will be instantaneous.


3 new blocks!

    1.16.3-1.4.0 Traveler's Tales

    Haycoal, this block will be the core for the traveler invocation.

    Sun's core, extremely hot block, used in the crafting recipe for making the Charge Launcher.

    Wardshiper: used to guard an considerable area from evil mobs.



    Makes the saddle crafteable.


Lore Books

    Gives you hints to defeat the bosses, dropped by Traveler.


Community Contributions

  1. - kazmurenko: Russian Translation for Fabric 1.16.1 and above
  2. - chechnyacool488: Russian Translation for Forge 1.16.3 and above
  3. - A Zack In Time: Piranha Remodeling for 1.16.1 and above
  4. - PJ_ALPHA: Spanish Translation for Forge 1.16.1 and above
  5. - Joule: Deadhound model, Haunter Model, Lord Skeleton base model. 1.16.3 and above
  6. - akulllllll : Simplified Chinese translations for 1.16.3 and above
  7. - -Q- : Void Grimoire texture, Crawler's armor texture and model, kings crown texture and model, Books Correction for 1.16.3 and above
  8.  Pela Sarmi: Updated Spanish translations for Forge 1.16.3 and Above