Dungeons Mod

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About it

This is my first mod, based on the potential of Minecraft as an RPG, with challenging bosses.

But mantaining the Vanilla feeling.

An disclaimer, all the bosses can be defeated, not impossible, funnier if using Vanilla



3 new bosses,

    The Deserted

    The Iron Slime

    The Kraken

4 new mobs,

    Rogue: He can rob you. Care your inventory

    Anthermite: Likes to eat sugar, and your blood

    Traveler: He got the maps to found dungeons, an skilled villager, invoke him igniting an coal block with a flint and steel.

    Piranha: He'll smell you.

Lore Books

   Gives you hints to defeat the bosses, dropped by Traveler.


Known Bugs

  • Kraken slightly chance to kill you instantly


Lite Variant

Is a light port for 1.16 Snapshots for fabric

(Requires Fabric Api)


1 new item

        Back Pergamine: An item traded by traveler, when use, you return to your last death position.

3 new mobs



        Traveler, (Only trades sugar, His Point of Interest is the Coal Block)

1 Boss



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