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Surge is an open source mod which aims to improve the load time and performance of the game.


Load Times

  • Fast Prefix Checking - Cleans up Forge's ID prefix checking, to improve the time it takes to create and register new things to the game registry.
  • Animated JSON Model Checking - Cleans up Forge's custom animated model loader to greatly improve model loading times.
  • Disable Debug Sound Info - Turns off debug code for missing sounds and missing subtitles. This will improve sound loading times.


  • SheepDyeBlendTable - Switches sheep color blending code to use a predefined table instead of the vanilla behaviour which is to do a recipe lookup.

Bug Fixes

  • Max Rename Length - Fixes a bug where renaming long items in an anvil will cause the name to error out.


  • Show Total Load Time - Displays the total game load time in the console. This lets you see how changing your game impacts load time.