Elenai Dodge 2

Elenai Dodge 2 Banner - https://i.imgur.com/PTc0xpj.png


Elenai Dodge 2 is a seamlessly integrated dodge/dash mechanic for Minecraft


🧾 Features:

đź’¨ In-Depth, Well Balanced and Seamlessly Integrated Dodging

🎥 Toggleable Animations! Dive roll by default, or disable if you want the Vanilla+ feel

🔧 Highly Configurable

🦜 Feathers Integration means dodging requires stamina

đź’Ş Armor Weights! Dodging is impacted directly by the heaviness of your armor. Modded armors automatically have weights too


🎮 Controls:

Choose between two movement options in the Mod Config!


You can also adjust the Dodge Key button from its default value of Left-Alt in Minecraft's controls menu.

đź“ş Videos & Trailers:

See the mod for yourself! There's some amazing community content on Youtube as well, that I definitely recommend checking out!


Please note that potion effects and the Feather System have moved to a new mod 'Feathers' from 1.18.2 as I have lots of plans for the mechanic. This mod still uses the same system and therefore should function the same way.

As of 1.19.2 The heavy enchantment has been replaced with 'cold'.


Feel free to watch this short trailer to get an understanding of the mod!


Alternatively, check out this superior and high quality explanation of the mod by The Gamer Hobbit!


đź“• Installation:

Make sure you have Forge installed! Install the version of the mod that corresponds to your version of Minecraft. If you are playing on 1.18 or above, make sure to install feathers too! Navigate to %appdata%/.minecraft/mods and put the mod(s) in the folder! 

🏆 Additional Credits:

KosmX for creating playerAnimation, that this mod uses for animation.

Delly for creating the Status Effect textures.

The Rebirth of the Night TeamThe Modpack was used in development testing and is generally awesome.

TheRealJackiecrazy for adding patches to a bunch of mods to add Elenai Dodge 2 integration! It's really awesome and helpful to see.

Darkmega92 for their great work in the Discord