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You can help me translate this mod on https://crowdin.com/project/easiercrafting.

Looking for weekly versions?

Publishing a mod to CurseForge does, unfortunately, involve a lot of manual work. For this reason, starting with 21w03a, I'll only publish weekly versions on Modrinth, where publishing a version is just one button click for me. You can find weekly versions for all my mods on https://modrinth.com/mods?q=Giselbaer&s=downloads. Versions for official MC versions will still be published here.

Mod description

Please check out the screenshots!

This makes crafting easier by displaying a list of items you can craft using your current inventory. Clicking one of these items will craft this item once, while Shift-Clicking an item will fill the crafting grid once and shift-click the output field to craft as many items as possible.

Also, if you're not sure about a specific recipe, you can enter the (partial) name of the output item in a text box above the recipe list; getting a list of all craftable items that match that name, no matter if you have the ingredients. Moving your mouse to one of these items will show you the recipe.

The mod supports the 2x2 inventory crafting grid, crafting table, stonecutter, and brewing stand. For each of those, it will display a list of craftable items and craft them when you click the output item, and help you find ingredients when you enter the name of the item in the search box. For brewing stand, it also adds button to take all 3 output potions to your inventory at once.

All types of furnaces (includes blast furnaces and smokers) it will show the currrent progress percentage, and the number of items you can smelt without needing another fuel item.

There is some support for crafting repeated patterns on the loom as well, and the mod comes with loom recipes for all letters. Select the banner color and the dye color to the top of the loom, make sure you have everything you need in your inventory, and press the letter banner to the right. You can create your own patterns as well by moving the banner you want to save into the left banner slot, then enter a name on top and press the save button.

To improve REI compatibility, the mod will only show when REI is off. In REIs default configuration, press CTRL-O to hide REI (and show EasierCrafting), then press CTRL-O again to hide this mod and show REI.

Version 1.6.7 has a new feature that requests an inventory resync after each craft. It seems like this is a problem when you're playing on servers that are not Spigot/Paper servers. There's a new config option that you can turn on. It's not turned on by default as what it's doing is a bit hacky, and I don't know if there are server plugins (like NoCheatPlus) that don't like it and kick you, or get you banned. So please only turn it on if you have problems.

To make sure the mod doesn't slow down your minecraft, it has been optimized using jprofiler (https://www.ej-technologies.com/products/jprofiler/overview.html).

Information for server owners

Your players might want to use this mod on your server, and find themselves unable to. This is not a problem of the server itself; but anti-cheat plugins like NoCheatPlus, and also front-ends like ViaVersion, have options to prevent fast-clicking the inventory, which stop this mod from working. Of course, it's the server owner's decision if you want to enable this mod or not, but it's just a quality-of-life mod - players aren't able to get any more stuff, or craft anything they couldn't do otherwise, it just means they need less clicks, which can also prevent issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. So, if you want to allow it, without losing the protection your anticheat plugin gives you, here's how to:


There's a config option check.inventory.fastclick that you can use to disable/enable fastclicking. You can also give affected players the permission nocheatplus.checks.inventory.fastclick. More information here: https://github.com/NoCheatPlus/Docs/wiki/[Inventory]-Fastclick


ViaVersion has an option max-pps, which defaults to 800. This should be sufficient for this mod, but if you lower the option too much, players will get kicked while using this mod (and for many other reasons as well, probably).

Other Anti-Cheat-plugins

I don't know them all. If your players are reporting problems with this mod and your server, and you have an anti-cheat plugin installed, it's probably the plugin that blocks the mod. Check your mod for an option that sounds like "inventory click", "fastclick", or maybe "packets per second". The mod can send a few dozen clicks when a player uses it to craft something, so those are the likely options that break the mod. If you know what exactly to configure for a specific plugin, please tell me and I'll add it to this list.


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