Wolf Armor and Storage

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This description is based on mod version 3.0.0 or higher for Minecraft version 1.12.2.  As such, newer or older mod versions may differ in functionality and features, such as crafting recipes, GUI layout, etc.  Some images are based on older versions of the mod as well; such images have been noted in their captions.


Wolf Armor and Storage


This is a small mod that aims to provide you with a sense of security as you take your trusty wolves out into the wild.  It always bugged me how fragile wolves were; you can heal them up and they'll still likely die if you do anything other than leave them sitting in your living room.  Now, with the proper adornments, you can turn them into the veritable powerhouses they should have always been, and gain a helpful adventuring companion to boot!


Note: It gets asked a lot:  Yes, you may include this mod in your modpack!


An armored wolf, and a wolf with some storage packs

Figure 1: An armored wolf, and a wolf with some storage pack


Wolf Armor


Wolf armor is the main meat of this mod.  There are five different armors, each corresponding to a different armor material.  Armor can be found in dungeon and nether fortress chests, or crafted on a workbench.


Crafting armor requires pieces of the desired armor type, as well as a couple bits of material to complete it.  The recipes are as follows (provided you are on mod version 3.3 or higher):

Leather armor recipe

Figure 2a: Leather Armor Recipe


Chainmail armor recipe

Figure 2b: Chainmail Armor Recipe


Iron armor recipe

Figure 2c: Iron Armor Recipe


Golden armor recipe

Figure 2d: Golden Armor Recipe


Diamond Armor Recipe

Figure 2e: Diamond Armor Recipe


Just like leather armor, leather wolf armor can be dyed any color at a crafting bench:

Red-dyed leather armor on a wolf (Old GUI)

Figure 3: Red-dyed leather armor on a wolf (Old GUI)


When equipped, the wolf gains an armor rating equivalent to a player wearing a full set of the corresponding material.  A wolf's armor will decrease in durability as your wolf takes damage, so keep an eye on that meter!


Wolf armor can be applied by sneaking and interacting with a tamed wolf that you own.  This opens the wolf inventory GUI, which has slots for wolf armor, wolf inventory (see below), and shows your wolf's current health and armor level.

An armored wolf's inventory (Old GUI)

Figure 4: An armored wolf's inventory (Old GUI)


Armor can also be applied via a dispenser aimed at your wolf:
Applying armor with a dispenser

Figure 5: Applying armor with a dispenser


You can also enchant wolf armor with armor and weapon enchantments, like fire aspect, or protection!  Note that only adult wolves can be equipped with armor.  Puppies are just too tiny to handle it.


Wolf Storage


OK, so armor is great and all, but what's this about "and storage?"  Well, another useful feature this mod provides is the ability to interact with a tamed adult wolf that you own with any wooden chest (provided it is registered in the ore dictionary as such) and allow your wolf to gain some helpful inventory slots!

A wolf with some storage packs (Old GUI)

Figure 6: A wolf with some storage packs (Old GUI)


Chests can be removed by pressing the "Remove Chest" button, which will appear below the armor slot in the wolf inventory when a chest is applied.


Additionally, if you stock your wolf up with some tasty food, they'll automatically eat to restore their health!


Miscellaneous Additions


I've also gone ahead and added some miscellaneous enhancements to wolves alongside the mod.  These can be turned on or off at will:

  • Made wild wolves howl on a full moon, utilizing an unused sound file.
  • Two advancements, "Armor Up!" and "Wolf Pack", have been added for when you give a wolf armor or apply a chest to a wolf, respectively.


Mod Configuration


A few options exist for configuring the mod.  As a single-player user or server owner you can:

  • Enable or disable chests
  • Set the maximum size of the wolf chests (from 1x1 up to 5x3)
  • Enable or disable auto-healing wolves
  • Enable or disable wild wolves howling on a full moon

Client-side users can specify visual options:

  • Enable or disable wolf armor and health display in the GUI
  • Enable or disable armor and wolf backpack rendering


Compatible / Incompatible Mods


This mod utilizes a shadowed copy of SpongePowered Mixin 0.7.5.  Mods which are incompatible with Sponge, or which implement a lower or higher bound version of the Mixin library, or which also use Mixin to alter the wolf entity may be incompatible with this mod.


Wolf Armor is generally compatible with any mod that does not alter the manner in which wolves function, and may be compatible with some that do.  If you encounter an incompatibility with a specific mod, please report it either here, or on the github page for the mod.


The following mods are explicitly compatible with wolf armor, despite altering the way entities work:


The following mods have been compatible in the past:


The following mods are currently incompatible, but will have fixes in the future:


The following mods have some known issues with Wolf Armor:

  • Better Animations Collection 2


The following mods are incompatible at this current time, and will not be made compatible on the Wolf Armor side:




I can be reached via the comments or through github / the email I have listed on my github profile!  I might also start a Discord for this mod eventually; keep an eye out if you're interested.


Special Thanks


A big thank you to everyone who's submitted an issue or a pull request!  This wouldn't be possible without your interest in this mod.


An additional thanks to:

  • SanAndreasP for the upcoming Phosphor compatibility fix
  • NightKosh for supplying API feedback and the Russian translation files
  • gsbaoge for the old Capability system implementation, Chinese translation files, and for looking into the DataManager issue


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