Wolf Armor and Storage (Legacy)

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Wolf Armor and Storage

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Note: the most recent supported minor version of this mod is 3.7, and this description is up-to-date with that version as of 2020-08-22.

Note 2: Since it gets asked a lot, yes, you may include this mod in your modpack.

Wolf Armor and Storage is a simple Minecraft mod that adds armor, storage, and other minor tweaks to wolves.

I've long been irked by how fragile the vanilla wolves are. If you do anything more than leave them sitting in your living room, you are very likely to quickly become wolf-less. Now, equipped with the proper adornments, your wolves can become the veritable powerhouses that they were always meant to be, and you can gain a helpful adventuring companion to boot!

An armored wolf in action

Fig. 1: An armored wolf in action

Armor Up Your Wolves

This mod adds five new armors for your wolves, each corresponding to one of the five armor types in vanilla Minecraft. Armor can be found in generated loot chests, or crafted in a workbench.

Crafting Armor for your Wolf

To craft a piece of wolf armor, you must obtain three armor pieces (two sets of boots and a helmet) and some extra material (leather, iron nuggets, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds), and arrange them as below:

Leather armor; helmet in center above both boots, with two leathers surrounding the boots in the middle row

Fig 2a: The crafting recipe for leather armor

Chainmail armor; helmet in center above both boots, with two iron nuggets surrounding the boots in the middle row

Fig 2b: The crafting recipe for chainmail armor

Iron armor; helmet in center above both boots, with two iron ingots surrounding the boots in the middle row

Fig 2c: The crafting recipe for iron armor

Gold armor; helmet in center above both boots, with two gold ingots surrounding the boots in the middle row

Fig 2d: The crafting recipe for gold armor

Diamond armor; helmet in center above both boots, with two diamonds surrounding the boots in the middle row

Fig 2e: The crafting recipe for diamond armor

Interactions and Equipping Armor

When armor is equipped on a wolf, they gain the same amount of protection as a player would with a full set of armor made from the corresponding material! To apply armor to a wolf, either simply right-click them while holding the armor you wish to apply or sneak and right click them with any other item. This opens the wolf's GUI and allows you to equip the armor of your choice.

Cedar the wolf's GUI, showing his diamond wolf armor equipped

Fig 3a: The wolf GUI

Armor can also be equipped indirectly via dispenser! The wolf does have to be tamed beforehand, however.

Applying gold armor indirectly via a dispenser

Fig 3b: Applying armor via dispenser

Dyeing leather armor

Like leather armor, leather wolf armor may be dyed any color:

Lobo the wolf wearing purple leather armor

Fig 3a: A wolf wearing purple-dyed leather armor...

Leather armor in the wolf inventory

Fig 3b: ...and the purple armor in the wolf's inventory

Leather wolf armor dyed a questionable color

Fig 3c: Wolf armor dyed a questionable color

Wolf Pack? Pack Wolf!

The second major addition of this mod is the ability to apply a chest to a tamed wolf, thus giving them some useful inventory space!

Henrietta the pack wolf, with her six inventory spaces

Fig 4: A wolf with a chest equipped

As an added bonus, not only is this inventory space helpful as storage, but if you fill it up with your wolf's favorite foods, they can heal on the fly from their inventory!

Simply right-click a tamed wolf that you own with any wooden chest (provided it is properly registered in the Ore Dictionary as such) and the inventory space will be added. To remove an equipped chest, just click the "Remove Chest" button below the armor slot in the wolf's inventory GUI.

Chest size is configurable from one to fifteen slots, and chests can be disabled entirely if so desired. Wolf auto-healing can also be disabled.

Show Me Those Stats!

Since 3.6.4, there is now an option to show wolves' stats above their heads, just under their nameplates! It even works for non-named wolves!

Fenrir and his friend sporting some snazzy stat bars

Fig 5: Tamed wolves will display stats above their heads (optional)

This option is disabled by default; to enable it, open the config file and set B:stats_in_nameplate to true.

Hungry Hungry ~~Hippos~~ Wolves

As a balancing option, you can enable a version of hunger for wolves! The current hunger level can be displayed in the GUI and above the wolf's head (if either of those readouts are currently on).

Ashleigh has lots of mutton, but she's not hungry yet...

Fig 6: A wolf's hunger bar displayed over their head

Hunger and Saturation effects will now also affect wolves with hunger, so watch out when you're fighting those husks!

Lillian gets a bit hungry fighting a husk

Fig 7: Hunger potions affect wolves if hunger is enabled

If hunger is set to "full", a wolf can get damaged by starvation until it reaches 4 hearts (the same health level as a wild wolf). By setting "starvation" to "true", you can also make them starve to death.

Lillian starved to death

Fig 8: I feel bad for enabling this, and so should you. Why would anyone do this!?

Miscellaneous Additions

I've also taken the liberty of adding a couple other new features.

First, Advancements! There are two new "Husbandry" advancements you can earn: "Armor Up!", by equipping armor to your wolves, and "Wolf Pack", by giving your wolf some inventory space.

Armor Up and Wolf Pack, visible in the Husbandry section

Fig 9: The new advancements

Wild wolves can also be set to howl at the full moon. This can make it easier to find them when there's a full moon out. You can enable or disable this feature per your preference, but it is disabled by default.

Mod Configuration

There are several configurable options for this mod. Currently, they can only be configured via the configuration file, located in config\satyrn\wolfarmor.cfg. What follows is a list of all of the options and their default settings.

general category: * Enable wolf backpacks: B:backpack=true * Backpack size (width by height): S:backpack_size=3x2

behavior category: * Allow wolves to heal themselves from their backpacks: B:auto_eat=true * Allow wild wolves to howl at the moon: B:howl_at_moon=false * Set tamed wolf hunger option (disabled/heal/full): S:hunger=disabled * Set whether hungry wolves can starve to death when hunger is set to full: B:starvation=false

client category (these can only be set client-side): * Show the wolf armor model: B:armor_model=true * Show the wolf backpack model: B:backpack_model=true * Show tamed wolves' stats (health, armor, and hunger) in the wolf's inventory: B:stats_in_gui=true * Show tamed wolves' stats (health, armor, and hunger) above the wolf's head: B:stats_in_nameplate=false


This mod utilizes a shadowed copy of SpongePowered Mixin 0.8. Mods which are incompatible with Sponge, or which implement from a different version of the Mixin library, or which also use Mixin to alter the wolf entity may be incompatible with this mod.

Wolf Armor is generally compatible with any mod that does not have its own mixins on EntityWolf, and potentially some that do. If you encounter an incompatibility with a specific mod, please report it either here, or on the github page for the mod.

Supported Mods

These mods are explicitly supported, with any known issues below. If any further issues are found while running Wolf Armor and Storage alongside any of the following, please report it as an issue:

Phosphor by jellysquid_

~~Sophisticated Wolves by NightKosh~~

Currently functionality is broken due to an outdated API on the Sophisticated Wolves end.

Carry On by Tschipp and PurpliciousCow

Interaction is slightly buggy due to the pick up functionality; must use a non-empty hand

Quark by Vazkii, mcvinnyq, and wiresegal

Interaction is slightly buggy due to petting, etc.
Render layers on foxhounds are specifically disabled

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by iChun

(Fully compatible since 3.7.0)

Newly compatible!

Fig 10: Lillian's enjoying this one!

Compatible mods

These mods are compatible (i.e. won't crash horribly), but are not explicitly supported. I have marked known issues or incompatibilities below each:

Zoology by RWTema

Atum 2: Return to the Sands by Shadowclaimer and Girafi

Desert wolves remain unchanged

Better Animations Collection 2 by Fusz_

Wolf armor uses the vanilla model, and does not match up with the wolf when sitting or when the tail is waving.

Better Animal Models by cybercat5555, istmeow, and Ozelot5836 and Better Animals Plus by cybercat5555 and istmeow

Uses the vanilla wolf render model, which does not match up with the new wolf model. Disable the chest and armor render in the configuration options to remedy this.

Incompatible Mods

The following mods are not compatible, and there are no plans to ensure compatibility at this time:

Stacy's Wolves by stacyplays, nathanoneday, LyraelRayne, maddielines, SnowShock35, and AKTheKnight

Doggy Talents by percivalalb, SimonMeskens, and XNovaViperX

Contact Me

I can be reached via the comments or through github / the email I have listed on my github profile! I might also start a Discord for this mod if I can find some trustworthy moderators; keep an eye out if you're interested.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the continued development of Wolf Armor and Storage!

Additional thanks to the contributors on GitHub


Fixed the incompatibility with Phosphor by updating Mixin


Helped with Sophisticated Wolves compatibility and the Russian translation files


Helped with the Russian translation files


Helped with the old Capability system and the Chinese translation files

And, of course, anyone who's submitted an issue on GitHub!

Thanks for supporting Wolf Armor and Storage!


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