CraterLib is a library mod used by the First Dark Development and HypherionSA's mods. This mod contains shared code that are used across multiple mods, as well as some platform helpers, to make Porting and Multiple Mod Loader support easier during development.

This mod does not do anything on its own, and requires a "Module" (or Mod that relies on this library) to perform any work. Other developers are welcome to use this library for their own projects, but keep in mind that it's primarily designed for our usage, and does not always contain all the features that other library mods contain.


When things go wrong, and they definitely do from time to time, you can open an Issue on Github if it's a bug or suggestion, or for quicker support, you can join our discord and ask your question in the appropriate channel


The artwork contained on this page is licensed under All Rights Reserved (by HypherionSA) and may not be re-used anywhere else, aside from our official Curse/Modrinth/Documentation pages. This license excludes the BisectHosting logo, which is licensed under their respective licenses