Vintage Delight


Vintage Delight is a culinary-focused mod that enriches your farming and cooking experience in the game. As an addon to the Farmer's Delight mod, it introduces a variety of new crops, foods, and crafting processes mainly centered around the new block, the Fermenting Jar.


Fermenting Jar: The centerpiece of Vintage Delight. Use this innovative block to pickle various foods and experiment with fermentation. Displaying the items inside, it can be used also as a decorative block



New Crops:

  • Oats: A tall crop that can be processed into oatmeal, cookies, and granola.
  • Peanuts: Versatile nuts that can be roasted, turned into nut mash, or grown into a magical vine with treasures atop, if you find the magic peanut.
  • Ghost Peppers: A fiery pepper found in the Nether, can be pickled, or made into chili.
  • Cucumbers: Can be made into salads or transformed into tangy pickles.
  • Gearo Berries: Unique berries discovered in dark oak forests, can be made into flavorful jam.



Mason Jar Jams: Create jams from Gearo Berries, other berries, as well as some more interesting ingredients, stored in mason jars. These jars can be consumed, broken down into easier to transport bottles, or used as charming decorations.



Salt Production: Introducing a new element to the game, salt can be used in various recipes like salted meats, in fermentation, or crafted into beautiful building blocks and colorful salt lamps. Engage in salt farming using the new Evaporator block.



Cheese Making: Dive into cheese production with cheese curds and specialized cheese mold pans



Chef Hats: Express your inner chef with customizable chef hats available in a spectrum of colors.



Misc: Vintage Delight adds some additonal fun mechanics, Such as Lush Grass, generated when a Magic Vine is grown from a magic peanut, this will spread on Farmers Delight Rich Soil, allowing for green vibrant grass regardless of biome. As well as having a unique bone meal growth system, being able to grow a wider variety of flower types than basic grass.

Also, the Vine Net! similar to the Farmers Delight Safety Net, the vine net is able to be placed in 3 states, top, middle and bottom of the block, allowing for interesting floors on treehouses, or even just being a form of pretty carpet.



Vintage Delight is designed to complement the existing mechanics of Farmer's Delight, offering new layers of gameplay for enthusiasts of farming, cooking, and building. Whether you're pickling cucumbers in your Fermenting Jar, scaling a magic vine in search of treasure, or lighting up your cottage with a salt lamp, this mod brings a delightful vintage touch to your Minecraft world.

Made with compatibility for create, and immersive engineering, i would love to add more if any are requested. As well as any ideas you have for new items id love to hear them, and if any artists want to collab and help on some of my ugly programmer art, reach out! Thanks! 


Mods included in display; Handcrafted, Create, Farmer's Delight..




Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming mod, Ribs Beastiary :))