No Telemetry


Disables the usage data collection, aka telemetry, introduced in Minecraft 1.18 (snapshot 21w38a).


The feature previously existed from Minecraft 1.3.1 to 1.12 as Snooper, but was removed in 1.13 (snapshot 18w21a) as it did not comply with European Union's General Data Protection Regulations.


In 1.18 it was re-added. You would expect it would be done in a more compliant way... However, from my understanding of GDPR, this is even less compliant than the original Snooper was.
Instead of being anonymous/pseudonymous (at least, the ids in the snooper screen don't match my user id), it now sends the XUID, your Xbox user id, in plain text... which means this data can be traced back to your user.


It now sends the following data when loading a singleplayer world or connecting to a multiplayer server:

  • launcher identifier
  • user identitifer/XUID (this can be used to identify you)
  • client session id (changes on restart)
  • world session id (changes per world load, to be reused for later events)
  • game version
  • operating system name and version
  • Java runtime version
  • if client or server is modded (same information as on crash logs)
  • server type (single player, Realms or other)
  • game mode

This time Mojang did not add a toggle for interested users to turn it off, though, so this mod fixes that by disabling the telemetry entirely.




This mod is available under the CC0 license.