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Bring your base! Capsules can capture a region containing any blocks or machines, then deploy and undeploy at will. Inspired by Dragon Ball capsules.


Detailed documentation on the wiki : https://github.com/Lythom/capsule/wiki

Join us on Discord ! https://discord.gg/wZpBVdr


Please remove previous config/capsule.cfg file when upgrading from versions 3.1 or older so that it regenerates. Incompatible blocks get blacklisted to prevent any loss: you want this file to be up-to-date.

See https://github.com/Lythom/capsule/wiki/Known-incompatibilities for more details.


Biggest Features


  • Move you base! An entire base packed in a 31x31x31 can be moved entirely including machines. You can be a real traveler now.
  • Build faster with blueprints! Blueprint capsules can take materials from chests or other inventories to duplicate a structure. It supports rotation and mirror.
  • Modpack making options, so that player can be rewarded with ready to deploy structures or loot them in chests.
  • A ton of possibilities ! Capsules can be used as early backpack moving a chest, as portable ladder, to deploy protecting walls to recover during a fight, to move machines or multiblocks, and more… unleash your creativity !


Getting started

The first capsule you will have access to is made of wood. It's size is 1x1x1 which enables the "instant mode".

empty, stone button, empty - wood plank, chest, wood plank - empty, wood slab, empty

"Wooden capsule" recipe

It means you can capture any block (ie. a chest or a crafting table) by right clicking it, then deploy and undeploy it instantly by right clicking again with the capsule in hand.

If right click open a GUI, try to capture from a distance or while sneaking.


Getting bigger

To get to the big things, you first need a capture base. This is where you can initialize a capsule with it's first content. You'll be able to capture the region on top of it.

Cobblestone - Glass Pane - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Compass - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Torch - Cobblesto

"Capture Base" recipe

Then you need an empty capsule (the top item is a stone button) :

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Iron - Ender Pearl - Iron Empty - Iron - Empty

"Iron Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 3x3x3

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Gold - Ender Pearl - Gold Empty - Iron - Empty

"Gold Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 5x5x5

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Diamond - Ender Pearl - Diamond Empty - Iron - Empty

"Diamond Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 7x7x7

Obsidian (9x9x9) and Emerald (11x11x11) capsules also exists, check JEI !


Empty Capsule

Throw it near the capture base !

  • Right click : activate
  • Right click while activated : throw the capsule.
  • Once the content is captured, the capsule can be deployed or undeployed at will.

Demo deploy / undeploy

Initial capture

Note that all the capsule can be dyed (affect the base color) and labeled (sneak + right click).


Linked capsule

  • Deploy : Right click once to activate, right click again to throw at the preview positions (are ahead not aiming a block).
  • Undeploy : Right click the "Deployed" capsule and the content will be stored again into the capsule, whereever it currently is.
  • Label : Sneak + Right click to open the label editing screen.

Demo deploy / undeploy

Deploy / undeploy

Other features and modpackers documentation

check the wiki at https://github.com/Lythom/capsule/wiki