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Formerly mGui.



  • Easy data management
  • Network utilities
  • Hierarchical UI rendering with animation support and an anchor based layout system
  • Perks queries


Primarily used in tetra.



mutil hosts a perk system in versions for minecraft 1.19+,  which tetra (and likely other mods in the future) uses to provide contributors and supporters with cosmetics. This system queries an external server when the client starts up to see if the player should have any perks, the query includes the player UUID and uses SSL for security.

This can be disabled by setting the query_perks config option in mutil-client.toml to false, as config files are generated on startup I've prepared this config file which you can place in your config folder to avoid mutil performing the perk query on the first startup.

If you have any questions or if you have suggestions on how to improve this better feel free to reach out to me on discord.