Modular Force Field Systems (MFFS)

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Notice: KitsuneAlex will be taking over the update of 1.12 with no ETA when it will be completed. Any other version will not be ported and 1.7 will only receive bug fixes. - DarkGuardsman 6/22/2018

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About (For the new guys)

MFFS contains a series of machines focused on converting energy to Forton for the use in generating force fields. The primary machine is a force field projector which is fed by capacitors and generators. The projector can be modified with cards and upgrades in order to change logic. These upgrades include several field shapes, size scaling, position offset, and utility modules. For example, the upgrade to shock attacks, kill monsters, remove blocks, and protect tiles.


About (Minecraft v1.7+)

The 1.7.10 is a continuation of the Calclvia's original 1.6 version of the mod. It includes all of the original features with small improvements and a changed of dependency to Voltz Engine. The plan is to continue to develop the mod into the future and to develop more powerful versions down the road.


About (Minecraft v1.6)

MFFS is a redesign of ThunderDark's Modular Forcefields by Calclavia. This version is a ground-up rewrite of the old version to depend on Resonant Engine and Universal Electricity. In this version, Fortron is used as the main power source for the force fields. 


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