2,569,733 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

FramedBlocks adds blocks of various shapes that can be made to look like almost any other block in the game.

FramedBlocks screenshot



The following shapes as seen on the picture above from left to right, front to back are currently implemented:

  • Framed Cube
  • Framed Slope (can also be placed vertically)
  • Framed Corner Slope (can also be placed vertically)
  • Framed Inner Corner Slope (can also be placed vertically)
  • Framed Prism Corner
  • Framed Inner Prism Corner
  • Framed Threeway Corner
  • Framed Inner Threeway Corner
  • Framed Slab
  • Framed Slab Edge
  • Framed Slab Corner
  • Framed Panel
  • Framed Corner Pillar
  • Framed Stairs
  • Framed Wall
  • Framed Fence
  • Framed Fence Gate
  • Framed Door
  • Framed Trapdoor
  • Framed Pressure Plate
  • Framed Ladder
  • Framed Button
  • Framed Lever
  • Framed Sign
  • Framed Double Slab
  • Framed Double Panel
  • Framed Double Slope (can also be placed vertically)
  • Framed Torch
  • Framed Soul Torch
  • Framed Floor Board
  • Framed Lattice
  • Framed Vertical Stairs (interacts with Stairs and Framed Stairs to create a corner)
  • Framed Double Corner (can also be placed vcertically)
  • Framed Double Prism Corner
  • Framed Double Threeway Corner
  • Framed Chest
  • Framed Bars
  • Framed Pane
  • Framed Rail Slope
  • Framed Flower Pot



Right click the block with almost any solid block to make it look alike.
Right click the block with Glowstone Dust to make it produce light.
Right click the block with a Framed Hammer to remove the camo.

Framed Prism, Inner Prism and Double Prism Corners automatically activate a texture offset depending on their position when placed. This fixes the issue of prism corners not fitting together properly when building a larger surface out of these blocks. If this behaviour is not desired, you can toggle the offset state by left clicking the block with the Framed Hammer.

The Framed Wrench (and any other item in the "forge:tools/wrench" tag) can be used to cycle through different states of the camo block.

The Framed Blueprint allows copying Framed Blocks including their camo and glowing state. The rotation of the Framed Block itself is not copied.



FramedBlocks offers a few configuration options to tweak certain behaviour


  • fireproofBlocks: Makes Framed Blocks completely fireproof by disabling dynamic flammability (default: false)


  • showGhostBlocks: Shows a half transparent placement aid when a Framed Block is held (default: true)
  • fancyHitboxes: Draw custom hitboxes on blocks like the slope instead of their actual stair step collision box (default: true)
  • detailedCulling: Hides faces between Framed Blocks if applicable even if the face doesn't fill the whole block face (default: true)


Datapack Features

If a block cannot be placed in a Framed Block and you think that it should be, you can add the block to the framedblock:frameable tag via a datapack. An example can be found here.
If a block can be placed in a Framed Block and you think that it shouldn't be, you can add the block to the framedblocks:blacklisted tag via a datapack. An example can be found here.


Known Issues

  • Sodium breaks lighting on certain shapes
  • Sodium breaks tinting of certain blocks when used as camo when Biome Blending is enabled
  • Mitigations for crashes with Sodium break ghost block rendering
  • Mitigations for crashes with OptiFine and Sodium cause faces on glass and similar blocks to not be hidden when next to a Framed Block with the same block applied to it
  • Framed Blocks with a solid top surface will catch fire when placed next to lava due to an oversight in Forge. This is will not destroy the blocks though.