This mod is a LIBRARY mod.
It will do nothing on its own and its only purpose is to act as a dependency for other mods that use its features.


Melody is an OpenAL-based client-side library mod for playing background music.
It allows you to use OpenAL in Minecraft separated from Minecraft's sound engine and manager.

Melody allows you to (asynchronously) load audio files from all kinds of sources, including web sources.

It has built-in support for OGG and WAV audio files, but there's nothing stopping you from extending it to support more file types!

To get an idea of how to create ready-to-play audio sources, take a look at Melody's SimpleAudioFactory class!

Everything important is documented in the source, so make sure to take a look at Melody's source on GitHub!

Copyright & Licensing

Melody Copyright © 2023 Keksuccino.
Melody is licensed under MIT.

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