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The best complement for embeddium, giving it some extras in performance and game quality.
Provides a bunch of options to speed up your FPS, like fast models, entity distance culling, font shadows toggle, JEI hiding and more

It Also includes their own dynamic lights system - (soon)



This mod is a remplacement of Magnesium/Rubidium Extras, DynamicLights Reforged and many other mods referenced in the Gallery. If you have any of them or similar, you should remove them, may crash, collide or cause lag.



  • [💡] Dynamic Lights: (Soon™️ will be back)
  • [🐄] Entity Distance Culling: Stops rendering and ticking on client side of Entities and Block entities too far away.
    • You can ignore specific entities in mod config adding them on the whitelist (requires resource name)
    • Example: minecraft:bat skips bats only, alexsmobs:* skips all Alex's Mobs entities.
  • [🕯️] True Darkness: When low brightness isn't enough in your terror modpacks, we can make it Really Dark.
  • [👟] Fast Models: Disable the unoptimized dynamic Chest and Bed models and use static ones
  • [🔦] Hide JEI: Now doesn't render JEI items until you search for something
  • [🌎] Fast Language Reload: No more wait 2 minutes just to change your language


  • [🧮] FPS Display: Shows your current, min and average FPS, Memory usage percent and GPU usage percent.
    • You can place it anywhere of your top corners
  • [🖥️] Borderless FullScreen: gives Image-In-Image support, and you can use ALT+TAB faster
    • Using F11 also switch to Borderless FullScreen (can be disabled)
  • [🌁] Toggle Fog: Disables overworld fog.
  • [🔳] Toggle Text Shadows: Menus have a flat-style and might increase FPS using BetterF3)
  • [🔍] Zoom Key: Powered by Zume. Let you see your friends and enemies from far away
  • [👁️] Chunk Fade In: (Soon™️ will be back)


You can support me on: PayPal Or buy a server using my coupon code and get 15% discount in your first purchase I use the money to buy coffee, sleep less and program more

KineticHosting sponsor code WATERMoDS

🔰 VERSION 1.16.5

I decide to skip that version in favor of Embeddium Extras by PotatoBoy (aka TexTure). It Is too good like Embeddium++, Shares features and has more Performance fixes and features.


Have some questions? Bugs? Or want to say something to my stupid face? Then my discord is the place you're looking for. I am always around, only have to throw your question, and I will answer


Before I place some jokes, but this time I am 100% sure. All Sodium Extras will be added onto Embeddium++, making OBSOLETE some ports of it like Rubidium (Embeddium) Extra.

Create the first API around Sodium config page and include some misc optimization options like Cull Leaves and quality features like Shadow Path Blocks

Enviddium (Nvidium port) will be a separated mod; I don't think it is a good idea to add it on embeddium++. You can speed porting donating me, so I can afford a second-hand GTX 1660), you cannot, and anyway, I'll do it :)

Sodium++ will exist... soon™️