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Have you ever wanted a truly immersive animal mod, where animals interact with each other realistically? Naturalist adds more animals to the game that behave as they do in real life. There is a working food chain, sleep cycle, and tons of other fun behaviors, giving each animal a personality of its own. So, are you ready to venture out into the wild? 

🌳 Woodland Wildlife (Version 1.0)

Forested and Grassy Biomes are now inhabited by Bears, Birds, ButterfliesCaterpillarsDeer, Fireflies, Snails, and Snakes!

  • Bears are the gentle predators of the forest. Don't provoke them or go near their cubs and you'll be fine... unless you're a Deer.
  • Birds fly around the treetops, chirping as they do so. Maybe they'll be loyal to you in return for food.
  • Butterflies flutter about, looking for flowers (and crops) to pollinate.
  • Caterpillars spawn by breeding butterflies and will crawl around, looking for nearby trees to create a chrysalis on. 
  • Deer walk and run across the world, munching grass and avoiding Bears. I wonder if there's a way to mimic their movement?
  • Fireflies light up the night and can be found in biomes such as Forests, Plains, and Swamps. Would it be weird if you consumed one?
  • Snails crawl around the forest floor... aimlessly. As Snails do. Be careful you don't jump on them, or they might meet an unkindly fate.
  • Snakes are lower forest predators, consuming the smaller animals that Bears can't be bothered to hunt.

For more detailed information about each mob, click here to read our official wiki.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack or make videos about it?
A: Yes! Feel free to include Naturalist in your modpack or make videos about it. Just make sure to give credit, and don't claim Naturalist as your own creation.

Q: Will you backport to 1.16.5 or other previous versions?

A: Backports are not planned. The earliest version this mod will support is 1.18.2.


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