PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

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A port of PneumaticCraft to Minecraft 1.12.2 and beyond, done with the support of MineMaarten, the original mod author. 



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New Textures!

As of the 2.15.0 release for MC 1.16.5, the mod has had a full retexture, thanks to Ridanisaurus:




In-game documentation is available, thanks to Patchouli for all versions (thanks Vazkii!) and (on 1.12.2 only) IGW for MC1.12.2 (thanks MineMaarten!).  Most video tutorials for the original 1.7.10 version of PneumaticCraft are still largely relevant to modern releases (but remember that modern releases use Oil, and not Plastic Plants, for making plastic).

However, here's a (very) quick summary of what the mod offers:

  • PneumaticCraft has its own power system, based on compressed air.   It's a little multi-dimensional, in that machines and tools store air by quantity, but many operations depend upon air pressure, which is a function of the machine's volume and the air quantity stored.
  • Pressure generation is via several compressors: solid fuel compressors (burn whatever will burn in a vanilla Furnace), liquid fuel compressors (see below), a compressor which uses lightning strikes and FE/EU compressors.
  • A Heat mechanic; some machines require heat, some compressors produce heat which needs to be dissipated
  • Liquid fuels are refined from oil which the mod adds as worldgen; some of the refined fuels are of very high quality.  Fuels from other mods (notably the Thermal suite, EnderIO and Immersive Petroleum) will also work.
    • Several crafting mechanisms, all of which can be configured externally via CraftTweaker in 1.12.2, or via datapacks, KubeJS or CraftTweaker in 1.14.4 and later:
      • Explosion Crafting - converting items via explosions (with a configurable loss rate)
    • Pressure Chamber Crafting - converting one set of items to another set via pressure
    • Refining - converting an input fluid to one of more output fluids via heat
    • Thermopneumatic Processing - converting a fluid and/or item to another fluid via pressure and/or heat
    • Assembly Line - converting items via robotic assembly arms
  • A fully-programmable Drone system using  a graphical programming language.  These Drones can automate pretty much anything.
  • Item logistics system, either using pressure tubes or drones
  • Base defence systems:
    • Hand-held Minigun
    • Drones with Miniguns!
    • Minigun turrets
    • Security Station, allowing full control over who may enter your base
  • A full armour suite with many upgradable abilities (including a fun flight mechanic)
  • Universal Sensor able to detect pretty much any world condition you can think of and emit redstone based on it
  • Vortex Cannon for clearing leaves & grass and flinging entities around
  • Gas Lift for pumping fluids
  • Upgradeable item and liquid hoppers; can point any directions and with upgrades can run extremely fast
  • Elevator system with nameable floors
  • Aerial Interface for automated access between your player inventory and your base no matter how far
  • ... and much more


New Features in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

Added in 1.16.1

  • The Jackhammer!
  • Renewable fuels - make Yeast Culture, Ethanol and Biodiesel, with a few useful by-products (also a way to get renewable plastic!)


Added in 1.14.4/1.15.2

Too much to list here. See and

See also for some musings on new stuff, some of which is already added, and some of which is still planned for MC 1.16.1 (and may change before being added).


Added in 1.12.2

There are a few minor new features in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized, summarised here:

  • CraftTweaker support!  See this page for a description of the recipes that can be added/removed
  • The Aphorism Tile can now show markup (using Alt + 0-9,a-f, l-o & r), and has some popup help to show the key binds.  You can also edit an existing Aphorism Tile by right-clicking it with an empty hand.
  • Heat sink effects are a little different. They won't set fire to you until over 100C (over 60C causes "hot floor" damage). And very cold (< -30C) heatsinks now slow you (duration and severity depend on temperature), and hurt if they're extremely cold (< -60C).
  • Vortex Cannon is now more effective at breaking plants and leaves. You can also use the cannon to fling yourself considerable distances (but beware fall damage!)
  • The One Probe is supported (in addition to WAILA/HWYLA), and the probe can be crafted with the Pneumatic Helmet to integrate it.
  • The kerosene lamp can now burn any burnable fuel (including fuels from other mods); better fuels last longer (LPG is the best right now). That can be disabled in config (B:keroseneLampCanUseAnyFuel=false), to have the old behaviour of burning kerosene only.
  • Forge Multipart support has gone, of course, but after a fair bit of testing, I decided not to include MCMP2 multipart support at this time. MCMP2 is just not quite there yet as far as stability goes (and that's in general, not just with PNC:R).  However, I do want to revisit this in future.

To compensate for the lack of multipart tubes, a couple of new features have been added:

  • Wrenching a tube section will toggle it open/closed.  This is potentially also useful to avoid air loss if you need to knock out a section of tubing for maintenance purposes.
  • New Camouflage Applicator tool to hide camouflageable blocks (tubes, elevator base & caller, pneumatic door base, charging station).  You can disguise these blocks with pretty much any other block.  Note that the door base & elevator base no longer have slots for items to camouflage, and the old behaviour of sneak-right-clicking a charging station or elevator caller doesn't work anymore. Camouflaging elevator frames is currently not possible, but should hopefully be re-introduced in a later release.

Most or all of the old mod integration is back in place, at least for all of those mods which have been ported to MC1.12.2.  IndustrialCraft2 Pneumatic Generator and Electric Compressor have been added in the 0.2.0-85 beta release.


The PneumaticCraft API is still available, and mostly unchanged.  Significant changes are:

  • IDrone#setProperty() and IDrone#getProperty() are gone (IExtendedEntityProperties is not a thing since MC1.9).  Use capabilities if you need to store extra data on a drone.
  • IDrone#getInv() now returns an IItemHandlerModifiable rather than IInventory.  (PneumaticCraft: Repressurized doesn't use IInventory or ISidedInventory at all anymore - inventory access is pretty much all done via capabilities or at least via item handler classes)
  • IDrone#getCarryingEntity() is now IDrone#getCarryingEntites() and returns a list

Modpack Policy

You're welcome to include this mod in your modpack.  Have fun!


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