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Simple Hats is a JSON-configurable cosmetic hat mod that allows users to define their own hats with various additional options such as variants, dyeability, particle effects, and seasonality.

There are over 200 custom premade hats included in the mod by default that users can add/remove/change as they like.



Other Features:
    Hats can be obtained from grab-bags (Open by holding right-click) that drop from hostile mobs, or found in various loot chests.

    Unwanted or duplicate hats can be recycled to craft new or upgraded bags in order to get new or rarer hats.

    Hats can be placed on a craftable hat-stand to show them off.

    Some hats have variant models/textures that can be cycled in the crafting grid.

    Some hats are dyeable just like normal leather, and washed off in a cauldron.

    Some hats have different particle effects that can be seen in third person, or on another player.

    Additionally, there is a season system where during certain times of the year, special grab-bags drop from normal bags.


0.2.0 Update:
    37 new hats have been added, if you have previously generated the simplehats.json, either delete it to let it regenerate with the new hats, or add the new hat entries to your own json if you modified it.


Special Recipes:

Recycle unwanted hats based on rarity:
Hat Recycling (Rarity based)

Upgrade scrap rarity or craft bags from scrap based on rarity:

Scrap Upgrading & Bag Crafting (Rarity based)

Default craftable hat for unlucky people (Or very special people :) ):

Default Craftable Hat (For Unlucky People :) )

Cycle hat variants:

Cycling Variant Hats

Dye hats:

Hat Dyeing



Dependencies (Forge):


            Curios: Hats are equipped in a cosmetic Curio slot


            JEI: Simple Hats has compatibility for adding custom recipes to JEI

            Optifine: If Optifine is installed, many hats will have emissive textures automatically enabled (Recommended)


Dependencies (Fabric):


            Trinkets: Hats are equipped in Trinket's "Hat" slot

            Cloth Config: Used for non-JSON config options


            Continuity or Optifine+Optifabric: If either are installed, many hats will have emissive textures automatically enabled (Recommended)

            Mod Menu: Simple Hats has compatibility with Mod Menu to make config accessible in-game



Please remember to report any issues to the GitHub issue tracker linked at the top of the page!


As a thank you for donating you can be given unique perks including your own cosmetic hat!