Harder Spawners

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This mod allows you to prevent players from rushing and lighting spawners to shut them down easily.  This makes dungeons harder and more exciting.

This mod also provides you the option to change the behavior of standard spawners so that they have a less reliable life span and may even explode.


Default Behavior

Spawners will last an average of 250 spawns ( about 4 hours) before failing.  You can increase or reduce this.  Keep in mind spawners will run when players are a dungeon level above them in multi level dungeons.

By default, Harder Spawners take about as long to break as Obsidian.

By default, animal and Blaze spawners will not fail.

By default, Spawners will explode a third of the time when they fail.  You can increase or reduce this.

By default, the spawner will break any bright block placed near it and block placing any bright liquid near it (with a extinguishing sound effect).

Revenge Levels

Spawners will poison, wither or wither and blind players trying to break them.  The default is poison 1.

1-3 Poison 1-3

4-6 Wither 1-3

7-11 Wither 1-5 + Blindness


The configuration folder is found in the /config folder.

Before 1.16.2 version, the configuration file is in the "serverConfig" folder.

["Spawners Spawn in Light Control Values"]

#Debug Level: 0 = Off, 1 = Log, 2 = Chat+Log #Range: 0 ~ 2 debugLevel = 0

#Spawner Break Speed Modifier: 0 = Off, 1 = 50% slower, 2-11 times slower. #Range: 0 ~ 11

spawnerBreakSpeedMultiplier = 4

#Spawner Revenge Level: 0 = Off, Over 1 spawner takes revenge on player. #Range: 0 ~ 11

spawnerRevengeLevel = 1

#Explode percentage when Spawners Break #Range: 0.0 ~ 100.0

spawnersExplodePercentage = 33.0

["No Break Mobs Values 6464"]

#Trail Block String 6464 defaultNoBreakMobsActual =  ( Note: "break" here refers to the spawner failing not to breaking the spawner )







Format: Name, % chance of breaking.  So the default is 0.2 which is 0.2% (1/500).  If you set it to 2.0 that would be 2%.

Example: Of setting a blaze spawner to break once every 5,000 spawners (about 80 hours average but random so could happen on any given spawn)


Version 19 ( Minecraft versions 18.1+ )

Adds the ability to configure hostile mob spawners to control:

required player range from spawner between 8 meters (8 is vanilla) and 32 meters away. (default is 12)

maxNearbyEntities between 4 and 32 nearby mobs (6 is vanilla) (default is 8)

spawnRange spawn range from spawner between 4 meters (4 is vanilla) and 16 meters away (default is 9)

maximum light level between 0 and 15 (8 is vanilla.  0 would stop all cages from spawning ever.   15 allows spawning in full daylight). default is 9 meters

seconds of resistance to burning in daylight (and to drowning) between 0 and 9999 seconds.  (note zombies don't actually drown- they convert to drowned).  default is 120 seconds.

Version 25.1 (Minecraft versions 1.19.4, 1.20.X)
spawnerMinutesStunned has a value from 0 to 27 minutes.   If 0, spawner breaks and is not stunned.  If 1-27, spawner is stunned for 1 to 27 minutes before next spawn.



There will not be a 1.12 version of this mod.  There are lots of awesome spawner control mods there. 

But I wanted  some kind of spawner control mod for our Two Guys Modpack which is 1.16.1 so I had to write one now.

Question: Will this work with "xxxx Spawners".  If another mod is based on standard minecraft spawners, it should work.  If they have their own custom spawners, Harder Spawners will not recognize them.


Your suggestions welcome!


Note: There are some sneaky loopholes allowing clever players to still build mob farms- it's just harder.  So if you set all the failure chances to zero and only use it stop easy light placement. There are still ways around it.  12/16- Some of these sneaky loopholes and mods that directly setblock are addressed in the new release.



Possible Features (currently on hold during 1.19.x push for my mods)

User option to make Spawner's have higher resistance to explosions.  ( still hoping for this one but it's going to be a while).

Some kind of "Spawner Reinforcing Block" that will prevent the Spawners from failing.   

* One type would lower the chance of failure.  The reinforcing block would be consumed when prevents spawner failure.  You can control the reinforcing block is available or not.  

* One type would lower the chance of explosions.  The dampening block would turn to water when an explosion was going to occur anyway.  You can control if the dampening block is available or not.

* The reinforcing blocks would need to be placed right next to the spawner to reinforce it so you could use up to six.

If you make them available, the reinforcing blocks be expensive-- diamonds, emeralds and require rare ingredients Blue Ice, Netherite Alloy.  And optional mod:item ingredients.

Patron Supporters 

Harder Spawners is supported by Ethan Dorais and Yukina.  It's available on alternative mod loaders.


You can join us on our Discord Server at the link below. 

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