[Let's Do] Brewery



Ozapft is! Brau Bier, beiss in a Bretzn – willkomme zum Braufescht!



Key Features: 

  • Drying, brewing, drinking!
  • Brew your own Beer
  • ... or brew your own Whiskey!
  • Visit the Brew Festival and get yourself some beautiful attire! Lederhosen, shirts, Dirndl
  • New Building Blocks, new Food Blocks, new decorative Elements - All in the Style of the Oktoberfest

How do certain things work? 


One of the basic ingredients for beer and whiskey is dried corn, wheat, or barley. To obtain this, you need a drying silo. Gather the corn, wheat, or barley, open the hatch of the silo with a skillful left-click (you need both hands for this! So make sure they are both empty!) and throw it into the silo. The silo connects in a 2x2 or 3x3 grid and can be extended up to a maximum height of 9. The larger the silo, the greater the capacity and the faster the drying


Great job with the drying! Next up is the Brewing Station. To start the brewing process, you still need more ingredients. In most cases, hops, water, and coal. What? Coal in beer? No, no - it serves a different purpose. Let's take a normal wheat beer as an example: Throw two sacks of dried wheat and some hops into the brew kettle, fill it with water, and you're almost there. You've probably already noticed that the brew kettle is a bit larger and consists of several parts - now go to the part with the stove and fire it up with the coal. That's it!

Brewing Process

The brewing process lasts several seconds and requires your attention. Several small events occur at different parts of the Brewing Station, such as:

  • The furnace loses heat and requires more coal
  • The brewing kettle overheats; remove some water
  • ... and more to figure out 


Hops can be found in Taigas. Yes - even in those from [insert any Worldgen Mod that uses the #is_taiga tag here]. To grow hops, you need a somewhat elaborate construction: Build two fence posts with a height of three blocks (or more - higher is always better!) and connect them with a rope. Then you can plant the hops at the lowest point of the rope on farmland. Of course, you can also use the ropes for other things: fences, railings - let your creativity run wild! :)

Where can I get these alluring lederhosen?

I'm asking for a friend, of course. The armor pieces are sold by villagers. You can either find them at the Brew Festival or you can provide them with a Bar Counter to work at. One part of the armor set cannot be purchased and must be obtained in another way - but I'll leave it to you to figure that out.

Have lots of fun and enjoyment with this little mod! :)




1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

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Requires the Let's Do API: 
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Please Note

Brewery is mainly a 1.20.1 fabric mod. However, there are also versions compatible with Forge and a backport for 1.19.2, though they may not include all features or enhancements.



Brewery Pixel Pints are just for fun - remember to keep real-life drinking in check

The elements and mechanics related to beer and alcoholic beverages contained in Brewery are solely for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted in any way as an endorsement or glorification of alcohol consumption



Dedicated to MissLilitu