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This mod doesn't add new stuff. It's a weird way to start a description but it's unnatural to the author so he had to say it. This mod re-adds blocks that authors lived with in past versions of minecraft and misses now. If you tried Bibliocraft, you miss it without doubt. Tinker's construct is still around but maybe you don't want overpowered tools just because you liked the crafting table. etc.



  • Crafting tables - you know what they do...
    ...except maybe you like them to keep remaining contents after closing the crafting screen;
    ...or, you want to access nearby chests and barrels from the crafting screen?
    And once you try our dual table you will never go back. Two crafting grids don't sound that amazing but when you get used to it, you'll know.
  • Toolracks - right-click to hang your tool onto it, right-click to take it back.
    It's not glorious, we won't pretend that it is. But just make one and put it on a tree near your farm - never again forget where your shears are; never again craft a stone hoe to tile a single block. Oh and craft another one and put it in your kitchen - knives and pans easy to reach.
  • Potion shelves - right-click to place bottles, right-click to pick them up.
    Similar to toolracks except single shelf slot accepts multiple bottles even if an inventory slot accepts just one.
  • Book shelves - single click access to your books
    Again, nothing glorious but you shouldn't dredge through chests to find instruction books. Will not be dropped in 1.20 onward because chiselled bookshelves aren't as good as I have hoped.



Third-party mods to use together with this one

As of mod version 1.14, this mod provides its blocks in all the wood types offered by your mods that you use.

The support is magical and mostly automatic (you may need to add some weird wood to a config file, see wiki), which makes old addons that I listed here obsolete.

The only dependency is Dynamic asset generator and even that one is optional. There is a backup subsystem that does the same, but DAG is still recommended for some rare cases that the backup system dismisses. Editions for 1.18 and 1.19 don't use DAG, only editions for 1.20.1 (game version) and onward.



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Please use Discord channel for bugs and tech support. Faster and doesn't clutter the comment list.