*** ShetiPhianCore Required! ***

Build decks, bridges, roofs, mine shafts, or even wooden coasters.

Combine nearly any 2 blocks or items (modded or vanilla).

If one block used emits light the crafted item will as well.

Frames, Floors & Platforms

Frames can have soul/redstone/torches applies to them.

Ramps, Steps & Stairs


Hand Rails & Rises



When a "rise" or "handrail" is placed on a roof they become a chimney or pipe.


The Wrench is a very important tool. Try it in your off-hand. (More Info)

The Platformer is used to craft everything else from the mod. (More Info)

Special Features

Carpet can be placed on platforms.

Snow or Sand will accumulate in their respective biomes.

Chimneys & Pipes emit particles (toggle-able).

Submit localization files on github.

Do not post bugs in the comments, use the Issue Tracker.