Visuality: Reforged




Visuality: Reforged is an unofficial Forge port for Visuality, please support the original work.

This is a simple cosmetic mod that will add a bunch of new particles such as crystal sparkles, particles on mob hitting, custom blob particles for slimes, environmental particles to your Minecraft world.

Expect particles collection expanding with the mod updates!





You can configure the mod by editing visuality/config.toml in the config folder of your Minecraft directory or use Configured for in-game config UI.
After 1.0, some JSON based config are also located under the config/visuality/ folder, check the 1.0 change log for more info.




All feature requests should go to Visuality first, unless it's about fetching newly updated features from Visuality.

All bug reports on Forge should go to Visuality: Reforged.




Q1: Why is the mod not client-sided on Forge?
A1: Forge is forcibly syncing registries from server to client, so it's impossible to register new particle only on client.

Q2: The mod is actually only working on client side, right?
A2: Yes, all particle spawning logics are still client-only, meaning the particles are only spawned on the client, no performance impact to the server.

Q3: Will things work if a client without the mod tries to connect to a server with the mod?
A3: Yet to be tested, I hope it would work.


Q4: Is the mod completely client-sided?

A4: Yes, Visuality: Reforged is completely client-sided since version 2.0. This is done by migrating to a custom registry, at the cost of not being able to use Visuality's particles in commands.