Dynamite | Kitchen Sink, Technology & Magic

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Dynamite' is a multiplayer focused kitchen-sink hybrid modpack. The modpack offers a large and diverse collection of mods that enables fun yet somewhat challenging gameplay for you and your friends to enjoy! Its contents should appeal to everyone’s taste, mostly consisting of technology and industrializing, with many aspects of exploration and magic thrown into the mix. We promise you'll never get bored! 


-[ The Content ]-

Build Machines! Learn Spells! Explore the World! Tame Dragons! Conquer Dungeons! Defeat Bosses! And much, much more! 


-[ Teams & Chunk Claiming ]-

Claim your land and team up with your friends with FTB Utilities's intuitive teams and chunk claiming system!


See dependecies.

Modlist from 'Dynamite - v1.0.0':