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DynamiteNetwork Presents:


'Dynamite' is a multiplayer focused kitchen-sink hybrid modpack. The modpack offers a large and diverse collection of mods that enables fun yet somewhat challenging gameplay for you and your friends to enjoy! Its contents should appeal to everyone’s taste, mostly consisting of technology and industrializing, with many aspects of exploration and magic thrown into the mix. We promise you'll never get bored!

Highlighted features: 


-[ The Content ]-

Build Machines! Learn Spells! Explore the World! Tame Dragons! Conquer Dungeons! Defeat Bosses! And much, much more! 


-[ Teams and Chunk Claiming ]-

Claim your land and team up with your friends with FTB Utilities's intuitive teams and chunk claiming system!


-[ Official Server ]-

Play on our robust Modded Server Network. We strive to maintain a consistent 20TPS on all our servers. Resulting in smooth consistent gameplay!

About us

We at 'Dynamite Network' have a long history on our belt of making (hopefully) quality Minecraft modpacks back on the Technic launcher before transitioning to CurseForge. Our first modpack is from late 2014 and we have gained a lot of experience with making modpacks since.  The philosophy of our modpacks builds on the notion that everyone likes to have lots of content, but not at the cost of stability and performance. Finding a good balance is therefore very important to us and a major focus with all 'Dynamite Network' modpacks.


Wanna chat or need help with something? Join our discord! https://discord.com/invite/Kss5gBgeDA

We are very open to suggestions. If you have a mod that you think would be a good addition to the modpack, please let us know!

Encounter any bugs, glitches or crashes? Then make sure to report it onto the CurseForge issue tracker!


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