Brandon's Core


CCL is nolonger auto downloaded!

Now that CCL has made the transition to being a normal mod the dep loader has been removed. This just means you now have to download and install CCL as you would any other mod. It also no longer lives in mods/1.10.2 just put it strait in the mods folder.

Get CCL here:


Brandon's Core is a library mod used by most of my mods. It is no longer a core mod as the name would suggest but it does still contain a lot of the core code used by my mods including but not limited to base classes for various tiles, blocks and items, A powerful modular gui system and a lot of other miscellaneous utilities.


What it dose:

-Provides base ASM functionality for my mods.

-Contains common classes used by my mods.



ASM: (Modifies the the following classes using asm)

(Moved potion asm to Potion ID Helper to fix vanilla server compatibility)

(This mod will be used for any other asm that is required by my mods in the future)


Mods that require on this core mod: (This mod contains code used by the following mods)

-Potion ID Sorter

-Draconic Evolution (v1.0.2+)

(and more to come)


Mod Packs: As long as people are not required to pay in order to play your pack or anything like that you can do whatever you want.



Note: As of 1.10+ all of my mods now use CodeChicken Lib You can get CCL here


Report bugs here: https://github.com/brandon3055/BrandonsCore/issues