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Drawbridges are back!


Now building, well, drawbridges is totally possible! Build it up, build it down, build it across! Just place desired blocks inside Slider interface and apply redstone signal to extend the "bridge", remove redstone signal and all placed blocks will be sucked back to Slider. And you're good to go! To open Slider interface, just Shift+Right click with empty hand.


My variant offers almost the same functionality like original from Tinkers' Mechworks did.

  • Extends to 64 blocks max (configurable since 0.94)
  • Can be camouflaged to any "solid" block
  • Piston sounds when extending or contracting
  • Choose among three variants of "hole" texture (since version 0.92)
  • Switchable redsone behavior (since version 0.93)
  • Craft and install the Liquid Tolerance Module to allow The Slider to replace liquid blocks (since version 0.95)

Slider GUI:

Slider GUI


Don't pay close attention to the mod name, because I'm planning much more decoration stuff which slides! So, keep tuned.


And yes! You can use this mod in your modpack public or private.


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