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Make sure to delete the folder /mods/openterraingenerator if you want to actually play the new version of Dregora. You will need to do this at every update if playing with forge.


Dregora is a world pack for Open Terrain Generator which must be downloaded separately


Dregora is a custom world generator created using Open Terrain Generator (required) with over 190 biomes and 2200 structures including custom trees, rocks, caves, huge dungeons, villages, cities and more. atleast 4000 hours of dedicated work has been put into this project since 2014. For more information visit the official Dregora Website.


Dregora consist out of the following main parts:

    Custom biomes and terrain
    Custom objects (trees, rocks, etc)
    Custom structures (Dungeons, ruins, settlements, etc)
    Custom mob spawn rules (in select biomes & structures )

    Custom storyline ( books in chest with lore & storyline )

Dregora will have a optional ( spigot/cauldron ) addon in the future named "A Dregorian Tale" and will add quests, a storyline, dungeons ( defeat the boss! ) and way more. This addon is basicly where the "Not just a world" comes into play. This addon will be added once the map is finished.


Visit https://dregora.com/maps for a useful map!
/tppos coordinates in bottom-left


Navigational map



Installation instructions
Roadmap / Next update content
Extra Downloads
Discord - OpenTerrainGenerator ( Support )
Discord - Dregora ( Suggestions, Showcase & More )

ETA Next Update: Development will resume on 30/6/2019 ( Structures Update - Bo3BulkEdit got improved allowing me to add a lot  of extra details. Decided to completely remake several structures & Add 2 kingdoms to Dregora  ) - Bear with me if it takes longer then expected, quality cant be rushed ;)


See http://public.dregora.com for more information on next & previous patches.


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