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Dregora is a custom world generator created using OpenTerrainGenerator with over 220 custom biomes and 6000 structures including custom trees, rocks, caves, huge dungeons, villages, medieval and modern cities, both sunken as intact or stranded ships, soon to be added fallout shelters, bunkers and way more!

Dregora consist out of the following parts:

Custom world layout (Pre-Defined biome placement with the exception to "Random Biomes")
Custom biomes and terrain.
Custom objects (trees,rocks,etc)
Custom structures (dungeons, ruins, settlements, etc)
Custom mobspawn rules (in select biomes and within structures)
Custom storyline (books in chests with lore & storyline)
Custom loot (loottables are different and expanded on)



Upcoming Major Updates:

Biomes+ - Currently working on, will add a whole pack of new biomes!
Random+ - Black parts of the map at https://dregora.com/maps/ will get randomly populated with biomes.
Make sure to check out https://public.dregora.com for a more detailed list of changes.


Dregora Website - Dregora Discord - OTG Discord - OTG Wiki - Dregora FAQ - Screenshots


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