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Dregora Remastered | 600+ Custom Biomes


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What is Dregora?
Dregora is a procedurally generated custom terrain generator created using OpenTerrainGenerator with over 600 custom biomes and 20000 Biome Objects including custom trees, rocks, caves, huge dungeons, villages, medieval cities, both sunken as intact or stranded ships, soon to be added fallout shelters, bunkers, vanilla compatible custom entities (Nothing fancy but faster, stronger, scarier and bigger), Custom Lore of what happened in the world of Dregora, custom loot tables, treasure hoves and much, much more!

Dregora Consists of the following key points:

- Infinite procedurally generated custom & random terrain.
- 600+ biomes as of latest release(s) + 20k structure objects ranging from small pebbles to cities.
- Compatibility with most mods that add structures and/or dimensions.
- Dregora spawns all the default resources and structures you would normally find in a vanilla world.
- Huge hand-crafted sections of map seamlessly generating within the procedurally generated terrain.

Other Presets by Eagle:
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dregora-o-plenty [Dregora + Biomes O Plenty]
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dregora-rlc [RLCraft + Dregora] - WIP

Dregora's Special Feature:

Dregora generates 100% random procedurally generated terrain with continents and trenches being the exception. This means that with each different seed the map will be different except for the continents and trenches. These trenches & continents can be located using this tool: https://map.dregora.com/ the black/blank sections of the map will be randomly generated. As a means to clarify this further please take a look at the different images below in which you will see what the different seeds do with the map.

Note that this map is zoomed out about 50 times so the biomes appear very small making the two images appear to be the same but they are definitely not. Also these colors are custom colors I decided upon which do not represent how it'll look in vanilla.

                  seed: 1414471925229018200                                                      seed: 999172617


How to install Dregora?

1. Dregora requires OTG [Click for Link]
2. To play Dregora on a server you need to configure your server.properties as shown below:

  • For 1.16.5 = level-type:otg and generator-settings:Dregora
  • For 1.12.2 = level-type:otg and level-name:Dregora


1. Improve biome color transitions: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/better-biome-blend
2. For DynamicTrees compatibility follow the instructions here: https://discord.com/channels/dynamictrees-compatibility  [scrapped for now due to issues]


Credits - Modpack Dev Info - Content Creators Info

Youtube Showcases: From more recent to oldest with a self-made showcase at the bottom.





Dregora's Succession:
In case 'truck-kun' comes along and 'isakai' me to another world I grand anyone the permission to copy this project under the MIT-License.
Hereby I also grand anyone permission to copy this project under the MIT-License if I, NLBlackEagle show no interaction on the following platforms for over a year; Dregora's Discord, Curseforge, OTG discord, Website and through mail@dregora.com