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Disclaimer: This mod is the official addon for Industrial Foregoing, everything is being made under Industrial Foregoing mod author's (Buuz135) consent.


This mod is the official addon for Industrial Foregoing, making use of its API and added some missing mod integrations, or using APIs from other mods to add Industrial Foregoing support for them.

Added contents includes: Additional straw drinking handler for fluids from other mods, Laser Drill entries, Bioreactor entries, Protein Reactor entries, Plant Gatherer handlers and more!

This addon currently supports up to 31 different mods, check the list below to see all of the integrations!

Feel free to suggest mod integrations to be added in the GitHub issue tracker!

Starting from version 1.10, GunpowderLib is now a required dependency for this mod.


Bugs / Feature Requests

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Feature requests are welcome, would be great to add more mod integrations into this addon!

Do note that I can only do things around Industrial Foregoing's API, anything beyond that level would have to be done on the base mod itself.

Source Code & License

Using this mod in modpacks

You are allowed to use this mod in any modpacks you would like regardless public or private. But please note that if the compiled mod jars are being modified, any bug reports on my GitHub about a modified jar are not accepted since I've signed my jar using my own key and modifying it will void the warranty. Unless you know what you're doing, be careful.

If you have further details would like to ask me in person, feel free to DM me through one of the methods below!

Contact Me

Support the development

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Special Thanks

  • Buuz135, as the author of Industrial Foregoing, helping and allowing me to make this mod!


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