Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed

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WARNING! This is an addon to Thaumcraft, it also requires  HammerLib.



This mod also enabled Thaumcraft to have Colored Lux colored lighting!


So this is my attempt on rewriting an addon from scratch with few old ideas in place.

So right now we have:

  • Blocks:
    •  Essentia Combier - mixes two points of liquid essentia into compound aspect
    •  Crystal Crusher - used to obtain vis salt
    •  Aura Disperser - applies salt effects on nearby creatures.
    •  Aura Charger - consumes Auram aspect to replenish local aura.
    •  Crystal Bore - mines crystal ore in front of it leaving only one cluster
    •  Entity Summoner - summons entities using entity cell as template and some vis
    •  Puriflower - Slowly drains flux from local aura
    •  Brass Warded Jar - 275 vis warded jar
    •  Thaumium Reinforced Jar - 350 vis warded jar
    •  Void Forified Jar - 500 vis warded jar
    •  Mithrillium Reinforced Jar - 1000 vis warded jar
    •  Adaminite Fortified Jar - 2000 vis warded jar
    •  Mithminite Jar - 4000 vis warded jar + deletes excess essentia
    •  Mithrillium Smeltery - 100% aspects turned into slurry, 0% into flux
    •  Adaminite Smeltery - 120% aspects turned into slurry, 0% into flux
    •  Mithminite Smeltery - 150% aspects turned into slurry, 0% into flux
    •  Crystal Block - Not just a compact storage of 9 crystals....
    •  Totem of Dawn - Slowly absorb flux, has a small chance to spill it (happens in 1/64 operations)
    •  Twilight Totem - Slowly pollutes aura, can spill more occasionaly (happens in 1/8 operations)
    •  Crystal Growth Chamber - Used to grow crystals of any type using crystal block as template.
    •  Seal - Executes various functions when used with correct combinations of symbols.
    •  Arcane Cake - Can be eaten, slow self-regeneration, vis salt can be applied.
    •  Flux Concentrator - Creates a fluxed room where mushrooms are going to be converted to vishrooms.
    •  Thaumonomicon Lectern - Block variant of thaumonomicon.
    •  Shadow Enchanter - Select exact enchantments you want to see on an item.
    •  Essentia Sink - charges Shadow Beam Staff with Alienis.
    •  Void Anvil - like vanilla anvil, but infinite. Instead of breaking, pollutes aura.
    •  Amber Lamp - decorative block, emits light (compatible with ColoredLux).
    •  Iron Framed Greatwood - decorative block, has connected textures.
    •  Brass Plated Silverwood - decorative block, has connected textures.
    •  Chiseled Amber Block - decorative block.
    •  Taintwood Planks - decorative block. (Safe to use)
    •  Taintkin - decorative block. (Safe to use)
    •  Taint o' Lantern - decorative block, emits light (compatible with ColoredLux). (Safe to use)
  • Items:
    •  Mithrillium (Nugget, Ingot, Plate, Block, Resonator) - material.
    •  Adaminite (Nugget, Ingot, Plate, Block, Fabric) - material.
    •  Mithminite (Nugget, Ingot, Plate, Block, Fabric) - material.
    •  Flight Device - material.
    •  Odour Powder - material.
    •  Mithminite Blade - material.
    •  Mithminite Handle - material.
    •  Vis Salt - applicable to food, causes different (de)buffs while eating food. Can be washed by water bucket.
    •  Blue Wolf Fur - a new type of curio that gives you observation and theory points.
    •  Entity Cell - like a Golden Lasso from EU2, Safari Net from MFR, etc.
    •  Recharge  Charm like a vis amulet, but it's a charm. ^^'
    •  Seal Symbol - Can be placed on Seal to execute various functions. There is a symbol for each aspect.
    •  Seal Globe - Peeks the current seal to see what it does.
    •  Fragrant Pendant - applies sanity buff that prevents warp effects.
    •  Tome of Sharing - stores your research, can be transfered to other player(s).
    • Chester - a 4-row chest that will follow you. It is invincible to anything, except Bone-eye.
    • Bone-eye - Used to control Chester. Right-click to change it's follow behaviour, sneak-right-click to dismantle chester.
    •  Vis Pod - material used for burning down in smeltery.
    •  Vis Seeds - plant, grows Vis Pods for farming essentia.
    •  Void Hoe of Grows - Like vanilla Hoe of Growth, but also regenerates.
    •  Void Thaumometer - Like vanilla Thaumometer, but also shows flux rift stability.
    •  Vis Scribing Tools - Like vanilla Scribing Tools, but use Vis from aura instead of black ink.
    •  Wormhole Mirror - Allows to travel between two linked mirrors.
    •  Adaminite (Hood, Robe, Belt, Boots) - has protection better then diamond, also has 30% total vis discount. Mostly a material for the mithminite armor.
    •  Mithminite (Hood, Robe, Belt, Boots) - a lot of protection, 60% total vis discount, also has a lot of abilities (read thaumonomicon for more info).
    •  Phial of Phantom Ink - Combine with ANY armor piece to make it invisible while worn.
    •  Essentia Pistol - shoots with essentia, applies effects equal to salt. Sneak-right-click to open settings GUI.
    •  Shadow Beam Staff - shoots with harmful ray of blue energy that reflects from any surface.
    •  Crystal Bag - stores 512 stacks of crystals for each aspect type.
    •  Disenchanting Fabric - removes all enchantments from most items. Returns some XP back. Has 32 uses.
    •  Blue Bone - Transfurms a wolf into a blue one.
    •  Adaminite Sword - 16 attack damage, unlimited uses.
    •  Belt of the Traveller - exactly the same as Boots of the Traveller, but as a Baubles belt.
    •  The Beheader - 11 attack damage, 20% behead chance.
    •  Mithminite Scythe - 12 attack damage, 14 damage dealt by phantom scythes.
  • Fluids:
    •  Crystal Water - if at least 4 source blocks placed in "O" pattern around and 1 block lower than crystal, will grow it much faster
  • Potions:
    •  Sound Sensivity - boosts sounds, makes them hearable from larger distances. Does the opposite if the power is too great
  • Aspects:
    • Fluctus (Motus + Water)
    • Sonus (Fluctus + Aer)
    • Exitium (Perditio + Instrumentum)
    • Caeles (Humanus + Desiderium)
    • Draco (Caeles + Victus)
    • Infernum (Ignis + Mortus)
    • Ventus (Aer + Volatus)
    • Visum (Sensus + Vitreus) 
    • Imperium (Cognitio + Machina)

Small Note from Zeitheron:

  • This addon was developed by Zeith and if there are any items that copy other addons, It is an accident, but nothing will be removed from my addon in most cases.
  • Since I am an active developer, I accept good and handy suggestions via DM or gitlab issue tracker.



  • The biggest "Thank you!" goes to Azanor for making Thaumcraft.
  • A lot of other people who helped reporting issues and suggesting new content!
  • And thank you for reading/playing wih this mod!


  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • You are not allowed to repost this mod to other sites without providing a Modrinth/CurseForge download link and my permission (PM to  Zeitheron, or via Discord)
  • You are not allowed to include this (or any other mods of DragonForge team) in your own mod. Building addons, however, is allowed, but a friendly PM would be good.


  • The only supported version of minecraft is the latest one that this mod exists for. DO NOT ASK TO DOWNGRADE!

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