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NotEnoughIDs is a coremod that extends hardcoded ID limit for blocks.


  • Extends ID limit for blocks to 65535
  • Extends ID limit for items to 65534 (starting from v1.5.3.1 for 1.10 and from for 1.11)


  • Make a backup of Minecraft installation folder.
  • Install Minecraft Forge (If you still not installed it).
  • Download NotEnoughIDs.
  • Go to the game folder.
  • Drop .jar file into the mods folder.


  • Compatible with pre-NEID worlds.
  • Compatible with Underground Biomes Constructs.
  • Compatible with Optifine and Fastcraft.
  • Possibly incompatible with some other mods.
  • Worlds created with NEID is not compatible with clients without it.

immibis for MinecraftForkage code
VikeStep and GloomyFolken for their coremod tutorials

Feel free to include this mod in your private or public modpack if you are link back to this page

Successor of NotEnoughIDs for Minecraft 1.7.10