Breakneck: Optimized [FABRIC] - 1.19.2

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Want to spice up your vanilla client? This is a performance enhancing modpack that in addition to boosting your framerate also brings several visual improvements and other niceties. Everything is completely client-side so you can easily use it to play on vanilla servers.



-[ Boost your FPS ]-

Uses lots of performance optimizing mods to vastly improve your FPS, including; Sodium, Lithium, Starlight, Entity Culling, FerriteCore, and more.


-[ Client Tweaks ]-

See further into the distance on servers! Lookup all recipes! Connect to outdated servers! Customizable cape! Inventory sorting! World map! Improved mouse dragging mechanics! Hide shield from view when not used! No pesky potion particles in first-person! And much, much more!


-[ Visual Improvements ]-

Better grass! Leaves falling from trees! More animations! Dark loading screen! 3D skin layers! Wavey Capes! Prettier item tooltips! And more!


-[ Shader Support ]-

Have extra performance headroom? Then beautify your game with your favorite shader pack! We highly recommend trying out the Complementary Reimagined Shaders as it performs well and looks absolutely amazing.


-[ Optifine Resource Packs ]-

Supports the use of many resource packs that would normally require Optifine. This is due to including many mods that aims to bring over the same functionality to Fabric. This includes features such as; Animated textures, connected textures, custom item textures, custom entity models, emissive textures, random entity textures and fog color!

Connected Textures Example: (Using 'Stay True' Resource Pack)


Random Entity and Emissive Textures Example: (Using 'Tissou's Zombie Pack' Resource Pack)


See dependecies.
Modlist from 'Breakneck - 1.19.2 - 2.1.0':


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