Forgiving Void

3,901,220 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

An actual ingame GIF would be too large to show here, so enjoy this high quality mockup of how it works. 


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Have you ever wondered what would happen if instead of dieing in the void, you just kept falling?

Turns out you just come back out from the top (and the fall doesn't even kill you due to magic miracle power).


What does this do?

I just stated it above, you don't die in the void and instead you fall back down from the sky. And despite the large falling height, you can still survive as long as you had full health before falling.


Why does it do it?

Because I made it so. Because I thought some modpack might want to use it. I initially made it for something else I was working on but that's on hold, so here's just this by itself.


What should you expect from using this mod?

Ah, glad you asked! Basically, if you install this mod, you woN'T DIE IN THE VOID AND INSTEAD FALL FROM THE SKY I JUST SAID IT ALL THERE'S NOTHING ELSE THIS MOD DOES.


You can check out actual ingame footage here.



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