Insomnia: Hardcore [FABRIC] - 1.18.2

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'Insomnia: Hardcore' is a Vanilla+ modpack that is all about immersion, exploration and enhancing the experience of playing Hardcore with friends. The modpack adds new content and mechanics without going overboard.


-[ Revive System ]-

With this modpack you don't respawn. Rather, when you get killed you enter a downed state in which your friends will be able to revive you. But it isn't as simple as just getting to the dead person and reviving them. You first have to find a Cleric Villager and buy the 'Revive Star' to do so.


-[ Origins and Classes ]-

When you first load into a world you get greeted by a choice to choose an Origin and a Class. Which can have several fun quirks as well various buffs and debuffs.


-[ Beautiful World Generation ]-

Using the 'Terralith 2.0' mod in combination with the already amazing worldgen from the 'Caves and Cliffs Part 2' update gives some absolutely crazy sights. The Nether and End has also received makeovers with the 'Amplified Nether' and 'Nullscape' mods respectively.


-[ Optimized ]-

The modpack includes a lot of performance optimization mods that makes the experience a lot smoother. Including: Sodium, Lithium, Starlight, Clumps, Entity Culling, FerriteCore and more.

See dependecies.
Modlist from 'Insomnia: Hardcore - v1.0.6':

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We at Crism have a long history on our belt of making Minecraft modpacks dating all the way back to our first modpack from late 2014. We have gained a lot of experience with making modpacks since and strive to create polished Minecraft modpacks with a strong focus on quality, stability and performance.


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