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  • A complex nuclear engineering mod for Minecraft
  • Intricate multiblock fission reactors
  • Multiblock heat exchangers and steam turbines
  • Large multiblock tokamak fusion reactors


  • Forge Energy, RF, IC2 EU and GTCE EU compatibility
  • In-depth nuclear fuel system featuring many fuel types
  • Complex fusion system of multiple fuel combinations
  • Unique electric processors and generators
  • Full JEI compatibility
  • CraftTweaker recipe support
  • Complete Mekanism gas support
  • Fallout-style radiation system
  • More materials, weapons, tools and armour


  • Pebble-bed fission reactors
  • Inertial confinement fusion
  • More futuristic machinery

JEI, The One Probe and ConnectedTexturesMod are highly recommended!
CraftTweaker Help

Permissions: feel free to go ahead and use this mod in your pack if you wish!

Head to the Wiki, the YouTube Channel or use the in-game tooltips for help with progression through the mod. Also feel free to just ask me directly if you need more info!

Thanks to QuantumTraverse for the mod logo!


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