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NC Splash (1.7)

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  • A modern physics mod for Minecraft
  • Forge Energy, IC2 EU and GTCE EU compatibility
  • Mekanism gas support
  • Unique electric processors and generators
  • Full JEI compatibility
  • CraftTweaker recipe support
  • Complex multiblock solid-fuel and molten-salt fission reactors
  • Multiblock heat exchangers and steam turbines
  • In-depth nuclear fuel system featuring 52 different fuel types
  • Multiblock stellarator fusion reactors
  • Complex fusion system of 7 fuels and 28 fuel combinations
  • Fallout-style radiation system
  • More materials, weapons, tools and armour
  • Other things and stuff and that


  • Pebble-bed fission reactors
  • Inertial confinement fusion
  • Particle accelerators - synchrotrons, colliders and detectors
  • More advanced, futuristic machinery


JEI, The One Probe and ConnectedTexturesMod are highly recommended!


CraftTweaker Help

Modpack Permissions: Feel free to go ahead and use this mod in your pack if you wish! I'd love to know which pack you're putting it in!

Head to the Wiki, the YouTube Channel or use the in-game tool-tips for help with progression through the mod. Also feel free to just ask me directly if you need more info!

Thanks to QuantumTraverse for the mod logo!


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