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Energy Converters

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This mod idea is based on PowerCrystals "Power Converters" Mod.


You probably know the feeling when you start your base, completly decked out in RF based machines like sag mills or arc furnaces... and then you need that one industrial craft machine to craft your jetpack. This mod helps you generate the needed energy by converting from one energy type (i.e. Redstone Flux) to another (IndustrialCrafts EU). You can even convert from EU to EU... if you want to do that for some reason...


Energy Converters provide you 3 different Block Types: Energy Consumers, Energy Producers and the Energy Bridge.

The Energy Consumer will consume energy from an energy source and store it inside an adjacent Energy Bridge. An Energy Producer will convert that energy to another type - just connect a cable or any machine to the producer and you are good to go.


A single energy bridge supports up to 6 consumers and/or producers (1 per side) - but any consumer/producer may only connect to one bridge at a time! 


The mod currently supports

  • Redstone Flux (RF)
  • IC2 EU (Lv, Mv, Hv, Ev, Iv)
  • Tesla
  • Forge Energy (FE)
  • Special support for TechReborn (1.10.2 only, not needed in 1.11.2 since TR improved its FE support)
  • Buildcraft (MJ)

The conversion rate is currently 1 Eu : 4 RF : 4 Tesla. 



Energy Bridge


IC2 Energy Producer (LV in this case, just replace the Transformer with any other transformer for its corresponding tier)



To get the Energy Consumer, just put any producer into a crafting grid and you get the corresponding consumer.


Modpack Permissions