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729,826 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

I am taking over development of this mod once again for the time being! Make sure to report issues to the Github.


This mod adds Avaritia recipes to otherwise unobtainable items from many other mods! A few examples are the Creative Capacitor Bank, Creative CAD Assembly, Guilty Mana Pool, and much much more!


NEW Infinity Sword (Balanced) - basically the same recipe as the infinity sword, but just does 400 normal damage rather than doing /kill on the person hit.


Infinity-1 Tools! Aka Infinity Minus 1 tools, which only cost diamonds and nether stars to make, yet are still powerful with infinite durability!

  • Infinity-1 Pickaxe: Works as a multitool, and can shift right click between fortune III and silk touch!
  • Infinity-1 Hoe: Infinite durability hoe, works in farming stations.
  • Infinity-1 Sword: Sword that does 60 attack damage!


A list of all items I added recipes to can be found at my here on my wiki!


 If you have any suggestion for recipes you would like added, or even new powerful items/blocks you would want to see in the game, either message me or leave them  here marked with [Suggestion] in the title!

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK MY WIKI PAGE FOR ITEMS NOT I WON'T BE ADDING BEFORE MAKING A SUGGESTION. I put items I know about but didn't add on purpose there.


~If you wanna donate some mining hashes or bitcoin to me for whatever reason my address is "32z6L9bzkUeagejdtzLSLqM8wgbdE2UiCe". 


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