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Adds right click crop harvesting that is configurable via a JSON file.

As of build 1.0.1-7 for 1.9.4 and above, this mod is not required on the clientside. The only missing feature will be the player's arm swinging after harvesting a crop.

Default Config

This is the default config for 1.13 and above for both Forge and Fabric. For 1.12 and below, check the README on Github. { "exhaustionPerHarvest": 0.005, "additionalLogging": true, "crops": [ { "block": "minecraft:wheat", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:nether_wart", "states": { "age": "3" } }, { "block": "minecraft:carrots", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:potatoes", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:beetroots", "states": { "age": "3" } } ] }

Additional Configuration

In order for Harvest to support a crop, it must be able to find a seed in it's drop list. To specify new types of seeds, use a data pack to define new seed items in the harvest:seeds item tag.


  1. Is Fortune accounted for?

Yes. The Fortune value is pulled from the item in your main hand.


If your crop requires special harvest handling, you can register a custom IReplantHandler for it through Harvest.CUSTOM_HANDLERS.


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