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Adds right click crop harvesting that is configurable via a JSON file.

As of build 1.0.1-7 for 1.9.4 and above, this mod is not required on the clientside. The only missing feature will be the player's arm swinging after harvesting a crop.

Default Config

This is the default config for 1.13 and above for both Forge and Fabric. For 1.12 and below, check the README on Github. { "exhaustionPerHarvest": 0.005, "additionalLogging": true, "crops": [ { "block": "minecraft:wheat", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:nether_wart", "states": { "age": "3" } }, { "block": "minecraft:carrots", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:potatoes", "states": { "age": "7" } }, { "block": "minecraft:beetroots", "states": { "age": "3" } } ] }

Additional Configuration

In order for Harvest to support a crop, it must be able to find a seed in it's drop list. To specify new types of seeds, use a data pack to define new seed items in the harvest:seeds item tag.


If your crop requires special harvest handling, you can register a custom IReplantHandler for it through Harvest.CUSTOM_HANDLERS.


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