AE2 Wireless Terminal Library

AE2 Wireless Terminal Library



Patreon: p455w0rd


This library mod includes an API for easy addition and integration with AE2's complex API and allows for automatic addition of infinite range-capable wireless terminals. It also has Baubles support built in. All packet handling for the Infinity Booster Cards is handled internally (including baubles syncing!).


All wireless terminals supporting this library will use the Infinity Booster Cards included for infinite range capabilities.

All wireless terminals supporting this library will show up on the AE2 Wireless Terminals creative tab.


Wireless Universal Terminal

-A product of combining two wireless terminals in a crafting grid
-Infinity Booster Card Support


Infinty Booster Card
-Allows use of the Wireless Crafting Terminal at any range and across dimensions
-To use, insert into Infinity Booster Card Slot in the Wireless Crafting Terminal GUI



Complete Instructions



Q: Why not just include this in p455w0rd's Library?

A: Because this mod has to hard depend on AE2 (it is required) to function. If I added this to pwlib, then all of my mods that use pwlib, would also have to hard depend on AE2.