Avaritia Tweaks


This mod is a small addon mod for 1.1x versions of Avaritia, which adds a few unique features that are not in the base mod. Everything in this mod are configurable via config. It is intended for modpack makers to customize their desired features. See below to see all the features this mod currently provides!

More features will be added as per requests (Go to the GitHub issue tracker for requesting features).

As of version 1.2 of this mod for 1.12.2, GunpowerLib is now a required dependency.

Update on the 1.18+ port of this mod: I've worked on porting this mod to 1.18, but it has proven to be way more challenging than I initially thought due to the substantial codebase changes, so a 1.18 port might or might not happen, even if I can port this mod to 1.18, there's gonna be some major changes to different parts of the mod, including the Enhancement Crystal system.


  • Made World Breaker be able to break unbreakable blocks once again (Including Bedrock, End Portal Frame, etc.)
  • "Fixed" Sword of the Cosmos tooltip to make it look more aligned with the vanilla 1.9+ tooltips



  • Added Enhancement Crystal, can be crafted with Infinity Tools / Armor to get special capabilities:
    • Custom Potion Effects for Infinity Armor (Added Night Vision to Infinity Helmet by default)
    • Custom Enchantments for Infinity Tools (Added looting 10 to Sword of the Cosmos by default)
  • JEI Integration:
    • Neutronium Compressor shows recipes (1.10 only, since the 1.10 version has been discontinued and this feature is missing from the base mod)
    • Provide descriptions for some items, which explains certain things that people might not know

  • Botania Integration:
    • Gaia Block (This doesn't do anything by itself, it's intended for modpack makers to use it in custom recipes)
    • Asgardandelion (The infinite mana flower from the original 1.7.10 Avaritia)
    • Soarleander (A mana generating flower similar to Endoflame, but only accepts raw/cooked chickens, eggs and feathers as fuel, this was not fully implemented in the original 1.7.10 Avaritia but I just had to finish implementing it)
    • Infinitato (A bigger Tiny Potato but does cool stuff when you right click on it)

Todo / Upcoming Features

  • Integrations with other mod(s)

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Source Code & License

  • This mod is Open-Source.
  • You can find the source code on GitHub.
  • This mod is under Jacky's Minecraft Mods License.
  • Feel free to this mod in any modpacks on any launchers you like as long as it's an original unmodified version of my mod sourced from CurseForge or GitHub.

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