This project is being worked on in 1.18.2. LTS for 1.16.5. No support for 1.16.4 and below.

The Illagers+ mod is an exploration mod that add 11 new Illager-type mobs to the game to make survival in the overworld a little bit harder. These mobs can attack the player or villagers.


The list of mobs currently in the mod are:

Archer - This mob has a long range it can shoot arrows at the player

Black Iron Golem - These guys can only be found rarely in raids or in the Illager Centre. They're pretty strong, so be careful! They can shoot fireballs, throw entities in the air, and punch hard.

Enchanter - Any nearby Illagers will receive a strength boost, and any nearby player or villagers will receive slowness

Furantur - Upon attacking the player, this mob will steal the player's active potion effects

Hoarder - Whenever an item is dropped, the hoarder will pick it up

Illager King - A miniboss that is the leader of the illagers and is rather strong, wielding an enchanted axe and a shield

Miner - Can only be found in Illager Mines. They mostly attack by either hitting you with their pickaxe or dropping primed TNT near you!

Necromancer - When a villager or an enemy is nearby, it will summon zombies

Berserker - This Illager can only be found during raids and will break certain blocks to get to its target. This is disabled when mob griefing is disabled on the world.
Frostmancer - This mob can use various ice attacks to slow down, pull in, and even heavily damage other targets!
Illager General - While he may not attack you much, he is rather dangerous in Illager Forts and Village Raids. He places down Support columns that can spawn in Pillagers. He can also call for reinforcements inside an Illager Fort!


Illagers+ also adds 6 new custom structures that spawn randomly in the world. These structures can be found while exploring around in the world.

These structures are:

Illager Tower - A large tower filled with various and unique floors

Illager Archer Tower - A small tower occupied by Archers and Pillagers

Illager Centre - A castle-like structure surrounded in walls and guarded by Furanturs, Evokers and Pillagers, with a Black Iron Golem in the top room

Illager Mine - An underground structure filled with Pillagers and Miners

Illager Fort - A massive walled structure filled with many various illagers, and has a tower in the center part of the structure
Ice Castle - A triangulat-shaped castle with deep and vast underground corridors filled with stray spawners and frostmancers


Illagers+ also adds a new enchantment. Illager's Bane does additional damage to illager mobs (e.g. Evoker, Furanter, Black Iron Golem, etc...) and has up to 8 levels!


This project now has a discord server! Join >here<!