63,072 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Illagers+ mod is an exploration mod that add 6 new Illager-type mobs to the game to make survival in the overworld a little bit harder These mobs can attack the player or villagers.

The list of mobs currently in the mod are:

• The Furantur - Upon attacking the player, this mob will steal the player's active potion effects

• The Hoarder - Whenever an item is dropped, the hoarder will pick it up

• The Necromancer - When a villager or an enemy is nearby, it will summon zombies

• The Enchanter - Any nearby Illagers will receive a strength boost, and any nearby player or villagers will receive slowness

• The Archer - This mob has a long range it can shoot arrows at the player

• The Illager King - A miniboss that is the leader of the illagers and is rather strong, wielding an enchanted axe and a shield


Illagers+ also adds 3 new custom structures that spawn randomly in the world. These structures can be found while exploring around in the world.

These structures are:

• Illager Tower

• Illager Archer Tower

• Illager Centre


Update: Illagers+ is now out for 1.14.4!


Please submit any and all issues to the project's issue tracker on github with this format:



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