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TOP Addons

Mod support for The One Probe by McJty
Source Code - Issues
Licence: GPLv3: you can include this mod in any modpack (Curse or not), credit is not necessary but always appreciated!


Currenty supports:

10/03/2021: This section is not up-to-date with 1.15+ versions


  • Tank display

Forestry (album)

  • Error messages for all blocks with GUIs that display them
  • Internal tank display
  • Breeding progress (no values) and queen display for all beehouses
  • Special information displays for Moistener and Multiblock Farms
  • Show fruit ripeness on leaves and whether they are pollinated (only when wearing spectacles or apiarist's hat)

Tinkers' Construct (album)

  • Extended view of fluids inside the controller when sneaking
  • Drying rack progress

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry (album)

  • Altar tier and Essence contents (requires divination/seer sigil*)
  • Altar crafting progress (requires seer sigil)
  • Incense altar tranquility and sacrifice bonus (requires divination/seer sigil)
  • Filter configuration for routing nodes (side-sensitive)

Storage Drawers (album)

  • More detailed information on stored item stacks
  • Stack capacity

IndustrialCraft 2 (album)

  • EU bar on most tiles (availability of stored energy varies because of protected/private fields)
  • Progress bars on many machine tiles
  • Teleporter linked coordinates
  • Heat display
  • TFBP display
  • ...

NeoTech (album)

  • Progress on all processing machines (Electric Furnace, Solidifier, Alloyer, etc.)
  • Grind progress for Grinder and any perssure plate right above it
  • RF/t on generating machines (Solar Panels, Furnace Generator, etc.)
  • Errors, axe durability andn logging range on Electric Logger


*Also works in sigil of holding

Probing Helmets

Craft modded helmets with a probe to get their probing variants, works with all non-blacklisted helmets (configurable):

These helmets will additionally have a visual "chip" when worn:

  • Botania: Manasteel, Elementium, Manaweave and Terrasteel helmets(non-revealing versions)
  • Forestry: Apiarist helmet and Spectacles
  • Blood Magic: Living and Sentient helmets
  • IndustrialCraft 2: Quantum, Nano and Hazmat helmets


Uncraft by putting the helmet back in the crafting grid with nothing else.


/topaddons [option] [value]

This command will modify client-only settings:
  • Show the TOP Addons fluid gauge on tiles with internal tanks. (0 to hide) [default: 1]
  • Hide the vanilla TOP fluid gauge. (1 to hide) [default: 0]
  • Only show Forestry machines' critical failure reasons when crouched.(0 for always, 1 for crouching) [default: 0]
  • Show IC² machine progress bar in normal mode. (0 for crouching only) [default: 1]
  • Show note block pitch and instrument. (0 to hide) [default: 1]

/tophelmet blacklist <add/remove>

Add or remove the currently held helmet to or from the blacklist


If you have any mod suggestions or improvements please let me know!


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