Hunter illager

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This mod adds a new mob called the Hunter illagers!!

They spawn in a new structure so keep an eye out for that!


  • Features:

These little menacing dudes live in a wooden hut that spawns in foresty biomes.
If it spots a player or animal he will come after it with a bow n' arrow!
When he successfully concerns his enemy he will creepily laugh...

When they are hurt they will grab a little meal to eat and replenish their health


You can configure the structure generation as much as you want in the configuration folder


  • Credits:

 Bagu_Chan: (Coder and Model designer)

 MCVinnyq: (Original Texture-artist)

 Fuffles: (Overhauled the textures)

 Evo (Documentation)

You can chat about the mod here! (Evo's Discord):



    • You can fork, modify, or use the code in your project.
    • Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.
    • No commercial use.
    • Display of copyright holder.

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