Hunter illager

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This mod adds a new mob called the Hunter illagers!!

They spawn in a new structure so keep an eye out for that!


  • Features:

These little menacing dudes live in a wooden hut that spawns in foresty biomes.
If it spots a player or animal he will come after it with a bow n' arrow!
When he successfully concerns his enemy he will creepily laugh...

When they are hurt they will grab a little meal to eat and replenish their health


Boomerang is HunterIllager's sub weapon

you can also craft boomerang

new enchantment bounce is new Boomerang Enchantment

when apply boomerang is more bounce on the wall


You can configure the structure generation as much as you want in the configuration folder


Upcoming Feature:


illager's hound (temporary) Basic performance is wolf, can pick up and hold weapons like a fox can climb walls



(HunterIllager is now Infamous Misadventures's home)


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  • Credits:

 Bagu_Chan: (Coder and Model designer)

 MCVinnyq: (Original Texture-artist)

 Fuffles: (Overhauled the textures)

 Evo (Documentation)
 Akogiri (Sound design)



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    • Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.
    • No commercial use.
    • Display of copyright holder.



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