Hammer Lib

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Utility mod that contains really useful code for quite a few mods.


This core provides:

  • For Users:
    • Calculator
    • Creative RF/FE/EJ Source
    • TickSlip™ - slows down any tile entity (changeable in configs), useful for server maintainers
    • ImprovedLAN feature (moved to   Custom LAN Ports)
    • Colored Lighting API (requires  Colored Lux)
    • Accumulator (holds 200,000 RF/FE/EJ)
    • Chunk Loader
    • Themes (currently applies only for brewing stand and furnace from vanilla. Other mods may include support by default. [Like   Improvable Skills 3, check it out btw!])
    • New splash texts! May be funny, but not very often...
    • New gamerules!
      • hc_rainfall - a boolean gamerule that allows to disable rain completely! (default: true)
      • hc_falldamagemult - a decimal gamerule that allows to adjust fall damage multiplier for all entities (default: 1.0). This may be useful to either disable fall damage, or make it super hardcore and make it to like 1000.0 so anything that takes fall damage dies (pls, don't to that - you're mad!)
    • Few commands:
      • /hc_render_mod <modid | ALL> [size ≤ 1024] - renders a mod / entire game into separate image files. Larger sizes will take longer to save and will cause more FPS lags. Final note, the actual size may be smaller, if the minimal side of your MC window is smaller than size specified in parameter.


And a lot of rich features for mod devs.

Not enough? You can just view sources on  GitLab, it's free!


  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • Yes, you are allowed to build a mod that requires Hammer Core, but not embeds it!
  • You are not allowed to repost this mod to other sites without providing a CurseForge download link and my permission ( Zeitheron on Discord)
  • You are not allowed to include this (or any other mods of DragonForge team) in your own mod. Building addons, however, is allowed, but a friendly PM would be good.


  • The only supported version of minecraft is the latest one that this mod exists for. DO NOT ASK TO DOWNGRADE!

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