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DupeFix Project


đź’Ž DupeFix Project đź’Ž 


DupeFix Project is a mod made for Minecraft 1.12.2 that fixes dupes in other mods.

The reason this mod exists is to fix as many dupes as possible so that modpacks and servers can take advantage of several mods without having to ban items from them.

Most mods here are either no longer updated, or no longer receive updates for Minecraft 1.12.2. So to keep them usable on modpacks and servers, this mod was created.


My game is crashing on startup, what do I do?

It could be an incompatibility of the Mixin version with other mods you have installed. Please try to install Mixin 0.7-0.8 Compatibility to prevent this from happening.

If the crash persists, please open an issue on GitHub.


Which dupes this mod fixes?

At the moment, this mod fixes the following Dupe Bugs:



Donkey Dupe Bug

Cow Dupe Bug


Blood Magic[CurseForge]

Sigil of Holding Dupe Bug

Sentient Armor Dupe Bug



Virus Donkey Dupe Bug


Project Red: World[CurseForge]
Backpack Dupe Bug


Spice of Life[CurseForge]
Lunch Bag/Box Dupe Bug


Tinkers' Construct[CurseForge]
Tool Forge Dupe Bug


Arcane Workbench Dupe Bug

Primordial Pearl Dupe Bug

Collector Infusion Enchantment Dupe Bug

Arcane Stone Dupe Bug

Multiplayer Arcane Workbench Dupe Bug

Magic Mirror Dupe Bug

Thaumcraft Entities Drops Dupe Bug


Thaumic Wonders[CurseForge]

Flying Carpet Dupe Bug


Tiny Progressions[CurseForge]
Big Pouch Dupe Bug


Personal Chest Dupe Bug

Bin Dupe Bug


Nether Chest[CurseForge] 

Unstackable Items Dupe Bug


Industrial Foregoing[CurseForge] 

 Conveyor Belt Dupe Bug


Extra Utilities[CurseForge]

Machine Container Dupe Bug


Actually Additions[CurseForge]

Shulker Box Dupe Bug


The Farlanders[CurseForge]

Looter Thorns Enchantment Dupe Bug



Backpack Dupe Bug


Thermal Expansion[CurseForge]

Satchel Dupe Bug

Cache Dupe Bug


Arcane Archives[CurseForge]

Radiant Crafting Table Dupe Bug

Containers Dupe Bug


Tinkers' Complement[CurseForge]

Chisel Dupe Bug


Industrial Craft 2[CurseForge]

Industrial Crafter Dupe Bug



Pickarang Dupe Bug


Iron Backpacks[CurseForge]

Recipe Dupe Bug

Swap Dupe Bug


Any problems or suggestions, create an issue on github