Engineer's Life 2 is a tech-based modpack focused around Immersive Engineering mod and built for Minecraft 1.16.5. In this modpack you will make your way from gathering flint for crafting your first pickaxe to complex immersive-looking multiblock machines and factories. Waterwheels, Windmills, Excavator with big rotating bucketwheel, hanging powerlines like in real life, diesel generator and pumpjacks, handheld mining drill... You will find different small and big additions in almost every aspect of the game: extra building blocks for the most sophisticated architects, extra food, extra seeds and bees, furniture and windows. And if you're tired of crafting you can go explore the world around you and find a lot of secret hidden features and structures(and maybe dimensions?). Despite the fact that pack is focused on technology mods, exploration is still a part of the game;

Based on experience and feedback received from development of original Engineer’s Life modpack, Engineer’s Life 2 gameplay was improved in many ways including:

  • more straightforward, simplified but aimed to be complex progression(this has affected the quest-guided progression too);
  • starting guide for this modpack for people not familiar with modded Minecraft;
  • following KISS («Keep it simple, stupid») principle in every aspect of development;
  • aiming for a wider range of players, where each type of player from Novice to Expert can find something to do;
  • possibility to add more mods based on your need(consult in DMs or discord channel before doing this).

Progression is not gated behind something and dividing gameplay for ages is for ease of progression and understanding how I see the modpack. You can craft and do whenever you like if you have resources. There are just some recipes that are more complex and need more ingredients.

This pack is definitely for you if you want:

  • to get familiar with modded Minecraft;
  • not kitchensink pack. There are almost no content overlapping. Less mods - more performance;
  • to get guided through the pack with help of quests and written guide;
  • pack focused only on Technology oriented mods;
  • close to vanilla experience;
  • to chill after hardcore or challenging packs;
  • balanced pack in terms of performance and gameplay. (experience received from already published and tested packs)


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⚙️ Process & Automate:

  • custom and more realistic recipes;
  • challenging and balanced gameplay;
  • immersive-looking functional machines from Windmills to multi-block Blast furnaces;
  • conveyor belts and hanging powerlines instead of pipes;
  • bees are now more productive! They will provide you with resources - from coal to steel!; [pic]
  • deep and rich food crafting system with Vanilla Food Pantry and Pam's Harvestcraft mods;
  • variety of new trees and plants to grow; [pic] [pic2]
  • veinminer for easier resource gathering;
  • watch seasons change and adapt;

📦 Organize:

  • basic storage drawers provide functionality and good looking storage blocks;
  • extra chests from copper to diamond will allow you to store even more items;
  • connect all your chests to the storage network with simple storage mod;
  • store items digitally on discs!

🛠️ Create:

  • new building materials from Quark: limestone, slate, jasper, midori, biotite, colored wood; [pic]
  • new furniture: wardrobes, nightstands, tables, bookshelves, cupboards; [pic]
  • add some immersive lights!
  • Immersive windows and doors for all your realistic buildings;
  • real moving elevators! These elevator will move you as well as other entities on the platform to multiple floors at the press of a button;

🗺️ Explore:

  • underground roguelike dungeon structures;
  • modular tools with Tetra mod!;
  • updated underground mob spawners;
  • place for exploration with unique and realistic world by Quark mod;
  • quest-based progression system with rewards and explanations about some mechanics; [pic]
  • new overhauled mineshafts; [pic]
  • written online text guide for novice players or for those who's lost; [here!]
  • carefully handpicked and filtered mods. You won't be overhelmed with same features from different mods but you will have everything you need;
  • no magic-focused mods;
  • option to add your favourite mods without breaking anything;


EL2-1.16.5 - 1.0