Happy Trails

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Happy Trails rewards and encourages path and road building.


Happy Trails allows the server operator (or single player) to make player movement faster on blocks like grass paths, stone brick blocks and most other blocks.

It does this by granting a short speed potion effect with strength 1 to 11 when a player is on a road or path block.

Happy Trails also allows the server operator (or single player) to configure player movement slower on blocks like sand, mud and most other blocks.  


Happy trails to you, until we mine again.
Who cares about creepers when we're together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny /weather.
Happy trails to you, until we... mine... again.

Horse not included...


Ready to Play Default Settings!

No configuration needed!  By default, you can move faster by making grass paths (Speed 2), stone brick roads (Speed 3), and slower in sand (Slow 1).

On the other hand, Happy Trails has powerful, easy configuration system for Server Operators, Mod makers, and Mapmakers. 

Building roads and paths are productive and rewarding!


Single Player & Server Side Mod, 1.16.1
This mod is only required on the server.  This includes single player games of course.  On Servers, clients without it will see a red "X" but will load fine and still get the movement bonuses when on paths of configured blocks.  

There is a "server only" version which doesn't need to be on the client (in the "files" section) but it will not load in single player local mode.   The default 1.12.2 download will load in single player local mode and must be on both server and client.  When playing on a server- the client copy is ignored and the server copy controls movement.


Debugging Levels

There are three debugging levels to help develop modpacks and values: 

  • 0 = Off,  No debugging information will be displayed.  (default value)
  • 1 = Logged,  Debugging information will be added to the text log file.
  • 2 = Chat, Debugging information will be sent to the Chat screen and added to the text log file.

Note: as of 04/07/2020 there is a few more debugging statements to add.


Requires Operator Level or local Creative.

/happytrails info 

  • Tells you about the block you are standing on and the debugging level.

Current Values

  • Standing On...........: minecraft:grass_path>0
  • Speed Level...........: 1
  • Player Position.......:  PosX(173) PosY(67) PosZ(1034)
  • Debug Level...........: 0
  • Particles.................: ON

/happytrails setHappyTrailSpeed -11 (slower!), 0-Remove, 11 (faster!)  

  • Updates or Adds the block you are standing on to the configuration file with slowness -1 to -11 or speed 1 to 11 or removes block if speed set to 0.
  • With this command, you won't have to edit the configuration file manually.
  • I'll be removing the /n/r text by Tuesday.  I had hoped this would make a prettier formatted config file.
  • Starting with version try speed 11!  It'll blow your socks off!  (V coming to older version soon.)

/happytrails particlesOn [true]

  • Lets you control whether speed and slowness particles display (true) or do not display (false)
  • Thanks, Partonetrain for this suggestion!

/happytrails debugLevel 0,1,2

  • Sets the debugging level.

Key Difference Between 1.12.2 vs later versions.

  • The block key in 1.12.2 ends with ">#" where "#" is the 'meta' data for a block.   The "info" report shows this value and the "set" command automatically handles this for you.

For example,

  • "minecraft:grass_path>0,1"  (v1.12.2)
  • "minecraft:grass_path,1"    (v1.15.2)

For a better example.

  • "minecraft:stone_slab>5,2"         (v1.12.2)
  • "minecraft:strone_brick_slab,2"   (v1.15.2)



Single Player / Client / Server version - This version will work in both single player worlds and when used in a client/server setting but must be loaded on both the client and the server.


SERVER Only version - This will not work for single player and does not require clients to have Happy Trails loaded to work.  It works if it is on the server only.  It will also work if the clients have various versions of happy trails on their clients but it will ignore them while they are connected.


Modpack Permission

You have permission to use Happy Trails in modpacks.   Please drop a comment below when you publish it and have it running somewhere.  I'd love to see Happy Trails in play and building brick roads, bridges, and grass path networks because they provide real benefits as they do in real life!




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Q: Where is the configuration file?

A: Starting with 1.14.4, Forge now saves configuration files as "toml" files in the folder : "saves/Worldname/serverconfigurations/<modname>.toml". 

Q: How do I save one configuration for all worlds?

A: Save a copy of your desired configuration in the "defaultconfigs" folder.  When you create a new world, Forge copies from there first before asking a mod to create a default configuration file.



SPECIAL NOTE: Forge changed the way command line /commands are registered as of 32.0.67.

 use Happy Trails Version 1.16.1 v1.0.0.2 for Forge versions 32.0.24 to 32.0.66 

 use Happy Trails Version 1.16.1 v1.0.98.6 for Forge versions 32.0.67 to 32.0.98 (and hopefully higher!).


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