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A fun mod adding collectible Buddycards you can find throughout your world!

 You can find Buddycard Packs in various vanilla loot chests, as well from other sources such as Piglin bartering, beating bosses, or a small chance when killing specific mobs. Once you get three duplicate cards, you can combine them with a piece of leather to make a storage binder, or an ender eye for an ender binder. There are three sets in the core Buddycards mod, one based on each dimension. If you have enough spare cards you can use a mixture of cards, iron, and lapis to create Buddysteel. Buddysteel can be used to make Buddysteel Medals, Grading sleeves, as well as a Buddysteel power meter. Medals can be empowered by the card of a set you have completed, and then worn as a curio for permanent potion effects depending on the set. For an extra challenge if you are a madlad, use grading sleeves and golden grading sleeves to judge the quality of a card, from lackluster F grade cards to the rarest of the rare S grade cards.

Current state of the mod
For 1.18 and onward, the mod is being split into 3 mods, along with a fourth one planned for card battles and more multiplayer fun stuff.
Core: This Mod
Expansions: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/buddycards-expansions
Gear: WIP
Battles: WIP



Will you add a backport to (insert obsolete version here)? - Right now only 1.18.1 is getting a majority of the support, and 1.16.5 is still receiving minor updates/patches until 1.16.5 dies out, any older updates will not get support, and in the future, I will pretend 1.17 versions of Buddycards don't exist
Will you add support for fabric?
Can I add this mod into my mod pack - Yes, Buddycards is allowed in all mod packs unless otherwise specified
Will you add a way that we can make our own sets and cards? - Not through datapacks, but the resources are there for modders to add sets into their own mods. I'd prefer if only the devs of specific mods added support for their mods though.
For more FAQ check the discord below

Link to official discord where you can share your stuff, ask questions, give suggestions, and take place in polls that determine the future of the mod

Link to my Patreon, if you want to support the development of my mods and sometimes get early access for my mods




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