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 A fun mod that brings out the collector in all of us.
Explore the world and find packs of collectible Buddycards from different sets.
Currently, there are 6 sets, each obtained through various methods. You will most likely find your first packs in loot chests, such as in villages, dungeons, or other structures. Once you obtain your first packs, it is recommended to combine 3 spare cards with leather to make a binder to store them in and combine 1 spare card with a book to get the Buddycard Guidebook. The binders allow for easy storage of 54 cards per binder. The Buddycard Guidebook goes in detail on how each addition from the mod works, but do note that if you want to make use of it, you must have patchouli installed. If you do not have Patchouli, check out the GitHub README.txt, found under Source on the curse forge page, or ask any questions you have in the discord below.


List of all sets of Buddycards
Base Set (Vanilla, 54 cards)
Nether Set (Vanilla, 54 cards)
End Set (Vanilla, 54 cards)
Byg Set (Oh The Biomes You'll Go, 54 cards)
Create Set (Create, 54 cards)
Aquaculture Set (Aquaculture 2, 36 cards)
Farmer's Delight Set (Farmer's Delight, 36 cards + 6 gummys)
If you have a suggestion for a set, please check first if it meets all the requirements in the discord FAQ on the subject. I try not to add them too often.


Other Optional Dependencies 
Although there are some mods that add sets, Buddycards also strives to add integration with other mods you might have installed. Curios lets you wear the medals you earn when you complete a set, with each one giving special effects. If you have Bountiful installed, Buddycards adds in the Collecting Decree, which lets you collect bounties that can earn you packs and other useful items from this mod. Patchouli will allow you to create a guidebook that tells of everything the mod offers. It is highly recommended you have both Curios and Patchouli installed alongside Buddycards.


Will you add a backport to (insert obsolete version here)? - No, I just don't have the time to reprogram it for an older version, nor the patience to do so.
Will you add support for fabric? - No, same reason as above.
Can I add this mod into my mod pack - Yes, Buddycards is allowed in all mod packs
Will you add a way that we can make our own sets and cards? - Most likely no, each card is hardcoded as specific items. It would cause too many issues.
For more FAQ check the discord below

Link to official discord where you can share your stuff, ask questions, give suggestions, etc.

Link to my new mod pack, which has Buddycards along with some other vanilla+ mods that go great together!

Link to my Patreon, if you want to support the development of the mod




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