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A Note on 1.14.4: This will not be updated to 1.14+ or sooner until I have some spare time, and forge implements a few needed features. (


This is a minecraft mod meant to add a little more believability to your first few minutes of minecraft play. A lot of the features are inspired by TerraFirmaCraft for 1.7.10.  It adds a few new mechanics, a bit of world gen, and changes the way blocks are broken.


This wiki is directly ported from the in-game guidebook, provided by GuideAPI. The guidebook also includes crafting and furnace recipes for most items referenced in the book.

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Major Features:

- Blocks broken without the correct tool will take longer and not drop anything

- Adds Flint tools of all kinds.

- Removes / Hides Vanilla wooden and stone tools.

- Adds Saws, Mattocks and Knives, in both vanilla materials and config-enabled modded metals

- A few in-world and player crafting mechanics.

- Fire starter and a fire pit

- Loose rocks that are found on the surface.



See the wiki for more information.


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