No Tree Punching

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No Tree Punching Splash ImageThis is a Minecraft mod meant to add a little more believability to your first few minutes of play. It was initially inspired by features from TerraFirmaCraft, but has since been refocused around the titular idea: Blocks don't drop anything if broken without the correct tool. In order to cope with this, there are several new features:


  • Leaves can be harvested without a tool for sticks (this is a vanilla feature, but will be very important here.
  • Gravel can be mined without a tool, and enables you to aquire flint.
  • Flint can be knapped on an exposed stone surface, obtaining flint shards.
  • A Flint Knife can now be crafted, allowing you to harvest plant materials for plant fibers and craft plant string.
  • A Flint Axe can enable you to collect wood and build a crafting table.
  • A Flint pickaxe, hoe and shovel will serve as early game tools, while you can create a Macuahutil for a good early game weapon.


Later on in the game, there are also a couple other additions and changes which fit the stylistic theme of this mod


  • Vanilla recipes for wooden and stone tools have been removed.
  • The vanilla campfire recipe as been removed, and instead it is crafted using a Fire Starter.
  • Pottery can be created using a Clay Tool on a block of clay, forming it to shape before firing it in a campfire or a furnace.
  • Knives are a new tool available in all vanilla tool materials, and can be used as weak swords, as a crafting tool, or a plant harvester.
  • Saws are a weaker version of an axe which are used as crafting items, and are essential for converting wood into planks and planks into sticks.
  • Mattocks are the ultimate all-in-one tool. They can mine blocks as if they were a shovel, axe, or hoe, and can strip wood like an axe, till grass like a hoe, and make paths like a shovel. (The latter two functions sometimes conflict and can be chosen by sneaking).


Questions / Support? Join the Discord. Issues? See the Issue Tracker.




At the current time, this mod only is available for Minecraft Forge. Any parties interested in volunteering to do a Fabric port do contact me :)

This mod is available and being maintained for Minecraft 1.16.5. It is available for 1.15 and 1.12 as well but discontinued and not receiving any support.


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Thanks to EERussianGuy for spontaneously updating ALL my rubbish programmer art to beautiful new textures!


Hope you enjoy

~ AlcatrazEscapee