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Stables is a Forge mod adding a new barn structure into the plains biome (and any modded plains-like biomes in the overworld). This structure simply serves as a place where you can obtain various horse-related things such as saddles and horse armour. This is from a villager, the Stable Master, who will trade basic resources for emeralds and emeralds into useful items. The structure can have a few different variations. Some horses (and rarely donkeys and mules) will spawn in the stable when it is generated.


Upcoming Plans & Ideas

  • More types of stable structures
  • Chest loot
  • Customisable horse entity
  • More stable villagers that could interact with the stable/horses
  • More advanced stable master AI
    • The option to have stables and/or stable masters spawn in villages

You may not re-upload the mod to any other sites. If you would like to make a video/review of the mod please link this page, and the same goes if you'd like to put the mod in a modpack.


Special thanks to TelepathicGrunt.